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  1. Hi mrjigger, If the tree branches are trimmed up, you can use any product with glyphosate as the active ingredient (Killzall, Roundup, Kleenup, etc.). As long as you do not hit any needles, the chemical becomes null and void when it contacts the soil. So, you can spray right up to and on the bark/roots near the ground. If the trees are real small it becomes a little harder because the branches/needles are contacting the grass. You can try to use a pickle bucket/cardboard box to cover the young trees. Your other option would be to find a product called POAST, it can be sprayed over the top of a lot of veggies/ornamentals/trees/shrubs and will not kill anything but the grasses. You would want to double check on the label that it is listed for spruce. Groundcovers- you could check into Dutch White Clover or Birdsfoot Trefoil. If you can find any Sheep Fescue, it only gets 6-8" tall and does not need to be mowed (works well for people with cabins etc.). Still need the water, but could cut down on the mowing. It is a fine bladed grass. One problem is the seed can be expensive, as much as hybrid bluegrass (and more in some instances). Good Luck!
  2. Hi Scoot, Right now is the worst time of the year to seed a lawn, the best time of the year is right around the corner. Aug 15- Sept. 10 for sun areas with Sept. 10- 20th being a gamble. In areas that are totally void of new grass a stiff garden rake will work the ground up enough (1/4" is all the deeper you need to go). In areas that have some grass, you may want to dice the soil with a flat nosed spade at about 1" intervals, again 1/4" deep (if you start pulling a metal garden rake through areas with grass- you will start pulling up some grass!). Then water about 1/4" a day (put a cake pan out and time how long it takes for your sprinkler to put out 1/4") Bluegrass germination will be the longest at up to 20 days. The problem with the weeds is, any broadleaf herbicide should not to be used in the heat of the summer, it can burn your grass. Any new grass plants need to have at least three mowings to harden them off or you could again damage the new tender plants. End of Aug/sept. are your prime fall broadleaf killing time. Most broadleaf herbicides need 2-3 weeks before you can seed into the sprayed area, so plan wisely with fall seeding! Good Luck!
  3. Hello Joe, First you want to make sure that the grass you are seeing is in fact quack grass. Quack is a perennial, and should have been present all spring (as soon as the snow melts). There is nothing that kills quack that will not kill your grass. Quack grows faster than the grass, and grows as a single blade, instead of a clump. You also cannot pull it out because of it's large runner roots (it will break). It also has a nice round stem. Crabrass is just starting to become visible (at least in the last 2-3 weeks). It grows in a clump, and has a flat stem. When crabgrass is young it is light green and grows upright, as it matures it starts to lay flat turning a dark green with purple highlights low on the stem. When the ground is moist, it pulls very easily. There are liquid sprays that you can use on crabgrass that will not hurt your grass, although the easiest control is in the spring with a preventer after your first mowing. Good Luck!! If you do have quack, I can give you some tips on some control (it is a bit tedious)!
  4. Thanks guys, I am looking for the Quickfish III, not the Quickflip III. CJG, do you know if you saw the quickfish (floorless model), or the quickflip? Thanks again
  5. Hello, I am searching for an Eskimo Quickfish III, and I can't seem to find them anywhere. Has anyone seen any of these around?? Thanks in advance.
  6. i have had a gps for 6 or 7 years, i use them all the time- this year quite a bit more than usual, i have not noticed any changes in accuracy at all- with any of the gpsr's i have.
  7. Thanks guys! Not looking for info on the positioning stand (the one that sits on the bottom of the lake), but the motorized ice pod that sits on top of the ice and rotates the camera via remote control. Appreciate the input!
  8. Hello all! Anyone here use an AV mo-pod? What are your thoughts? How time consuming is it to set up? I do a lot of moving throughout the day, and usually use the camera in the downview position. But there are times I like to view from the side. Hate to buy it, use it once or twice, and condemn it to the closet!
  9. I have some of the strikemaster ice loks (pictured above), and used them last year- early ice. They worked great. The only drawback is drilling the half hole all the way through when you are done. Doesn't take long, but if you move often, it can be a bit of a pain. The other nice thing is they double as safety picks.
  10. Matt, do you wacky rig those micro noodles on the small spoons? or are you "nose" hooking them? I picked up a few packs of the red micro noodles, after having good success on wedges and small split tails last year.
  11. I too bought a Ready Rig, and really like all the space it has to offer. Sandman, some great ideas on the PVC in the sleeves! I do have a quick question for you. I understand the sleeves with the 4" PVC, but I am confused on the sleeve that you put the pieces of 2 1/2" PVC tied together. What is this for?? Thanks for the great ideas!!
  12. Cabelas has them listed on their web, I know they are not in the metro, but you can order them online. They are on their ice fishing link off of their fishing section. Hope this helps.
  13. troutstix

    Ice Loks

    Hi Ice9, I bought some of these early last season. They work very well for early ice- before snow cover. They come in packs of 2, and can also be used for safety spikes. The only downside is, you should go and redrill the holes all the way through once you are ready to move- so no one has an accident in the half drilled holes! I really like mine, only takes a second to set up.
  14. Hello everybody, thanks for all the responses. The Quick flip is spoken for, if the deal falls through, I will cantact the next in line- Thanks again.
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