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  1. Fishjet

    Mounting Fish House License on Shack

    When I had my skid house I cut a thin piece of Plexiglas, drilled a hole on top and bottom. stick the tag on that and screwed it next to the door. When they pulled the house, I took it off and tossed it in my bucket to use when we needed one with portys.
  2. Fishjet

    Hub house spearing

    i use a clamp on Rattle Wheel. Put a couple of wraps of electrical tape on the very ends of the clamp. Clamp it to the hub pole. Breezy days will shake your decoy a little, makes northerns come in and stare at it like its a live decoy.
  3. Fishjet

    What gym do you go to

    Anytime changed owners again. Remodeled the whole place in the last month. New carpet, rubber floor, flat screens on new machines. Pretty much a new place now.
  4. Fishjet

    Motor Speed

    Water in your gas
  5. Fishjet

    Battery Powered Bowfishing Setup

    I used a power pack and a 1,000,000 candle power spotlight. I already had both, so it didn't cost a dime.
  6. Fishjet


    Buy a bottle of Ducky.
  7. Fishjet

    Powering Rope Lights

    I use one of those all in one power packs. It has 2 banks of led lights, 2-12volt power outlets, and built in jumper cables in case the four wheeler wants to be cold blooded and needs a kick.
  8. Fishjet

    Water spots

    Go to a boat or Jet Ski dealer and pick up a bottle of Ducky. Spray it on, let it sit, and wipe it off.
  9. Fishjet


    Put an oscillating sprinkler underneath and turn on the hose.
  10. Fishjet

    No Wake Zone

    Some people have no clue how far out 100 yards is, or just don't care. We on the north side have a different deal. When the lake went over top of the beach our shore is 200 feet closer to the house.
  11. Fishjet

    Mosquito Repellant

    Smoldering Build-Rite.
  12. Fishjet

    Boat launches - the other side

    If you have to power load, do you also power unload?
  13. Fishjet

    How old is your auger?

    10" Jiffy Model 30 thatis 20 years old. No repairs and the same chipper blades. Fresh gas and Amsoil every year and let it spin.
  14. Fishjet

    Building a 8 x 16 perm what to use for runners?

    Resorts use to only pull white oak runners, anything softer and the chains would pull out. Seen a sign across from Portside advertising white oak runners for sale.
  15. Fishjet


    Had the strap break off mine, but fixed it with a zip tie. Better than new, Would like to see Otter start making hub houses, probably blow everyone else off the ice!!