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    I just bought a new lazer mag express. Can I use Amsoil to break it in and at what mix ratio? Thanks. Dan
  2. DanS

    Morel's Yet?

    I look for older stands of aspen or mature mixed stands that have fertile soil and a good layer of leaf duff on the ground. Watch for dead standing trees and make sure to check around these. Lower moist areas seem to be more productive but you never know where they will pop up from year to year.
  3. DanS

    Morel's Yet?

    We found 1/2 dozen blacks south of Grand Rapids today. They were real small and must of popped up after we finally got some rain Friday night. The woods are still real dry and we could use a good soaker. The dry conditions did'nt seem to hurt the wood tick population at all as they were sure thick.
  4. Slick, Please send a copy over if you have time. Thanks, Dan [email protected] I've kept a written fishing journal since 1990. I log the time of day, weather, location, lure/bait, size and type of fish, kept or c&r, who I was fishing with and who caught the fish. I also like logging interesting tidbits like "saw a bear on the shore" or "Fred snagged a sucker by the tail and thought he had his 10 pounder" ect. This makes it not only educational to go back and read the journal but also fun.
  5. Chad, I have a 2004 Lund Explorer with a 60 horse Yamaha 4-stroke on it and I have had the same problems. If I try to pull the kids skiing the motor dies. Loading on the trailor the motor dies. Its cold blooded, hard starting and has dead spots in the acceleration. The top end around 31 mph. I have always ran ring free and used premium gasoline (no ethanol)and still had the problems. I've had the motor back to the dealer 5 times now. The last time was late last fall and the dealer had a Yamaha factory rep work on the motor. I did'nt have a chance to check it out much after the rep worked on it but he did water tested it and thought it ran well after some carb work.
  6. I've used 4lb fireline for trolling crankbaits for years now. The other day I wanted to hit a shallow run and grabbed my sons rod with momo for a pass or two instead of changing lures. It was worse than trying to pick up a penny with boxing gloves on. Now both my boys are rigged with fireline also. Heres a trick I use to extend the life on the line. After a year of use I reverse the line so the bottom of the spool is now the top. Its like new line again and is easy to do by spooling onto another reel or running your line out and swapping ends.
  7. Last year I found a lot of black morels around dead aspen trees (like elm trees down south) using the "look up" method. It seemed like every dead aspen I found had at lease a few morels around it.
  8. DanS

    Florida Fishing

    MJCatfish, I don't think so although there are some Johnson kids that ski jump with my kids at Mt Itasca. Prairie Lake is near Mt Itasca so there could be a connection. Thats an interesting user name. If you got it from fishing catfish I could swap some stories. I grew up pulling channel cats from the St Croix and Snake Rivers near Pine City.
  9. DanS

    Florida Fishing

    Thanks for all the replies! MJCatfish awesome fish! Is walleye fishing ever the same after a trip like that? I'll have to see how the budget is looking for a guided trip. I'll check out that web site as soon as I sign off here.I have a family of 4 going and there is so much to do (and spend $ on). We plan on doing a lot of snorkling, the everglades, possibly Disney. Matt, we plan on working our way down the west coast to around Marco then heading over to the keys for a few days. That would be great if you had some tips for shore fishing. What type of gear do you normally use? I was thinking of setting up some heavier spinning rigs with 20# fireline. You can actually catch shark shore fishing? That would be my boys dream come true. Thanks again. Dan
  10. DanS

    Florida Fishing

    I'm planing for a Florida trip in March and was wondering if any FM'ers out there had advice or tips for saltwater fishing the west coast down into the Keys? Its our first trip to Florida and our first attempt at saltwater fishing so any info would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. DanS

    Yamaha Tiller

    esoxguy, Last year I bought a 2004 Lund Explorer 1600 and maxed out with a 60 hp Yamaha tiller. This is my first 4 stroke so I'm comparing past 2 stroke experience to 4 stroke. Overall the motor is ok. The hole shot works for fishing but when my kids tube or ski the 2 stroke worked better. This motor runs great once its warmed up but is really cold blooded and takes some time to get it running. As far as trolling speed, I do a lot of crankbait fishing and the motor works fine for that. It trolls down nice and is quite and smoke free. I don't use the yamaha much for live baiting, mostly electric. Top end gps on the 1600 is 33 to 34 mph with 3 people and gear. By the way I really love the Lund.
  12. Grebe, I think your right about including your wife in your outdoor activities. I've always included my wife in all my out outdoor activities and it worked for us. Were still going strong after 24yrs. I started trapping during the big money days of the 70's and early 80's. A guy could do ok when a muskrat pelt would buy a lot of gas at 80 cents a gallon. There were a lot of people out there then and not all were honest. Nothing trashes a day on the trapline more than checking that set you know will connect only to find that it did and someone else felt entitled to help themselves to your fur and trap. I liked trapping a lot more when the markets dropped and those out for a quick buck stayed home. Its hard to make money at trapping today when gas sells for $1.85/gal and pick up trucks are over $30 grand. That being said I consider this season to be a complete success. I've posted before about my boys talking me into setting up a line again. Last year was a dozen rats , couple mink. This year we mixed it up and ended up with fox, coon, rats, mink, beaver and our first fisher. Did we make a bunch of money? Not really. Did we make memories that will last a lifetime? You bet! Checking the trapline after a fresh snow when all the animals are moving and leaving tracks was priceless. Teaching the boys how to identify tracks and sign, make sets, read habitat, skin, flesh, its all priceless. I went in knowing we would'nt get rich in dollars but the payback in other ways was even more valuable.
  13. Its been a nice fall for trapping with the moderate temps and lack of ice to deal with. Its the second yr out for my kids (8,10 yr old) and both can skin and flesh muskrats now. We pretty much stuck to a water line and have had a nice mixed catch. We had one blind set that connected almost every night for 2 weeks. We caught muskrat, mink, raccoon and even 2 beaver in this set with no bait or lure used. You can bet I'll have a 1 1/2 coil gaurding that location for many trapping seasons to come. It looks like we might get enough ice to start setting up some beaver ponds by the weekend so were looking forward to that. Possum in the Grand Rapids area! I knew they were heading north but had no idea they were up here already. I've had my first red bellied woodpecker in my feeder all fall and according to the range maps they should'nt be this far north. Might be another sign of climate change or could just be a lost bird.
  14. I trapped for many years and bought many Christmas presents with trapping money. I drifted away from trapping and started hitting the deer and grouse hard instead. My boys (8 and 10 yrs old) talked me into starting up again and we ran a small line last yr catching a few mink and a dozen rats. This year we put out 6 sets on Sunday and have seven rats to show so far. This weekend we plan on getting out some beaver sets and possably some fox/coyote sets. The trapping bug will curse a guy the rest of his life. I can not drive down a road, launch my boat or go on a hike without looking for tracks or set locations.
  15. DanS

    Mushroom Hunters

    We have been picking the blacks in the Grand Rapids area for the past 2 weeks now and I agree that this year has been awsume. Really keep an eye out for the dead or dying popples and if you notice a blow down check that area out. You can't beat grilled steaks and morals.
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