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  1. minnesotathorn

    Dry Brine

    so I brought a tuna & snapper back from florida. I have 1/4 of a tuna loin about 6 pounds & 4 snapper fillets about 10 pounds with a dry rub on them wrapped in plastic wrap sitting in fridge to smoke tomorrow. after I rinse & pat dry do you add spices to fish now or wait till the last hour of smoking. last time I waited & didn't think I got enough of the flavoring. I put maple syrup & seasoning & smoked for another hour. I also couldn't get the temp to 150 on the tuna & it was good but pretty dry. I got it to 130 & it stalled out.
  2. minnesotathorn


    walleyehooker has got it right. best recipe + very firm pieces as long as everything is kept cold during entire process. I make the brine the day before or in winter set it outside till very cold.
  3. minnesotathorn

    Meat Sales

    as you walk through hy-vee & see the little sale signs on items lift the sale tag & look at the regular price. they are the same.. but we must be stupid enough to fall for it as the new hy-vee was 23 million I believe & my wife loved it. plus its a mile from home.
  4. minnesotathorn

    Rib Rub

    hey reinhard can you explain to an old man how to access your blog. computer knowledge not my thing.
  5. minnesotathorn

    Chicken Bombs

    I am so happy you are back reinhard
  6. minnesotathorn

    Deep Fryer Question

    I was taught to fry a potatoe to clean the oil of the fishy taste. I usually cut one in half & fry it a bit & it seems to make a difference. on new oil this wouldn't be needed. only after a couple of prior uses.
  7. minnesotathorn

    How to keep striped gophers out of the garden?

    I got more than 30 from my yard & garden last year by using rat traps baited with peanut butter.
  8. spent 5 hours looking on the minn iowa border Thursday. very few & far between until I spotted a nice looking tree that got me 81 yellow & grey in perfect condition. very strange year for me.
  9. minnesotathorn

    Brick Patio Moss

    just this week I was in a class on lawn care & this question came up. the instructor said coca cola worked well to kill moss. worth a try.
  10. minnesotathorn

    Recommendations for bagged soups.

    I like the soup from qiick trip stations. they sell them in bags also.
  11. minnesotathorn

    Favorite Fish Batters

    [ Do you have the Batter recipe?
  12. minnesotathorn

    Waubay info

    they do not plow roads in that area. even if they did plow the roads they would probably blow shut in a very short amount of time. unless you want stripers I would look for a different lake around the area. the perch & walleye are few & far between. call doug at the bait shop in webster for the latest info out there.
  13. minnesotathorn

    Deer Jerky?

    onafly you are correct it is 93/7
  14. minnesotathorn

    Deer Jerky?

    I buy the 96/4 hamburger from target for jerky. very little grease. when done I wrap in paper towels overnight than into vacuum bags.
  15. minnesotathorn

    In Shore Fishing In Florida

    my idea is to fly to ft.meyers take the key west express to key west my dream trip. haven't talked my wife into it though