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  1. Dear Custom Rod Builders, North East Ice Fishing is our first custom ice rod builders build off. In this challenge we pose to you, to build your interpretation of the ultimate crappie/ bluegill Ice fishing Rod. Do note the mission of this challenge is to bring awareness for custom rod building, challenge you to develop something new or build upon from something you have existing, educate the public about what custom rod building is, and raise funds for a charitable cause. All submitted rods will be used for an auction to benefit Recycled Fish with two rods being used for promotional give aways
  2. Looks like the tow of you are on a mission to dominate a series this winter. Shall we schedule your interviews now. Well except for the events where Chris and I fish against you. Then you can interview us. LOL
  3. Coon Indeed you should not have an issue wth cameras at that depth. To shed a little light on this I like to use mine in eaarly venings situations and it seems to work well. I use the oldr 380 like DC as well. The new Vexilar camera has yet to be talked about. The Current marcum line are some proven sturdy units and lastly keep a watch some others may be on the way, I hope this has helped.
  4. Hey men It has been a while since I have posted. It has been a busy summer around here for Chris and I. We launched our spammers and talk radio/podcast for all things ice fishing. We hope you enjoy and we will be around more often now that things are up and running.
  5. Real nice pics guys. I wish that I can get some time to get out. I hear you on the time Lee.
  6. Tim that sounded like a good day on the ice. Luck you. I was stuck at work thinking of the ice.
  7. Lee You could not of said it better. I had such a great time. This Bomo event was so much fun with the running around learning the lake and taking the time to enjoy the beauty. Byron put together a great series and it will just grow from here. I managed to catch a nice Salmon and Chris even caught a smallmouth. Rumor has it Chris may have used a vex for a short time?? LOL
  8. Good job today men. Today's event was great for all. Dinner with Chris, Kyle and Lee was a blast. All the running around for two days paid off for all of us. I think Chris may be on to a new technique. His letting the spikes out to exercise, paid off.
  9. Cloud that is funny. Look back and make like your hooking fish with your back turned. Then walk off. LOL
  10. Lee Good to hear you will be there. Chris and I need you to hold the camera while we are getting the first place check. LOL The lake conditions will be getting better by then with the cold nights.
  11. Cloud those were come nice pannies. The king lake here is still iced and the perch are still hammering. I hope to hit them Sunday to do a bit of freezer fishing. I will be fishing Bomo tomorrow though.
  12. Two more weeks till the event on Lake Bomoseen. Who is in?
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