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  1. Yup. Up around Walden and north it will break your heart to see all the brown dead pine forests. Siickening.
  2. Quote: Move to AZ - which is a zoom mode. The left inside scale is focuses on the bottom six inches In AZ (AutoZoom) the left side displays the bottom six feet (not inches - I'm sure that was a typo) no matter what depth you are fishing. It's really handy given the fact that most of the fish you will catch in Colorado are usually within the bottom six feet. Unless I'm fishing in really shallow water, I am almost always in AZ mode. The 12 degree transducer should do you just fine. I have a second battery, too, but I've never needed it since they charge so quickly. Hope this helps.
  3. Sharkbait- This new rule is going to be a pain to deal with since most soft plastics these days have either salt or scent or both. But the only places where you can't use the salted and scented lures are those waters with restrictions to fishing with artificial flies and lures only, such as the Delaneys and Quincy and some others. Any lake open to fishing with bait is open to the salted/scented plastics, including lakes above 9000 feet. Just out of curiosity, where did you get the idea nthat these lures couldn't be used above 9000 feet??? (Live minnows can't be used in waters above 7000 feet or in any waters west of the Continental Divide - is that the regulation you were thinking of?) Don
  4. Welcome to Colorado- Dan gave you as good run down on walleye lakes. Add to those Nee Noshe and Nee Gronde out on the plains along with Pueblo and Trinidad. Pueblo usually stays basically ice free all winter. If you need any help with your Yamaha I recommend Great Lakes Marine in Littleton.
  5. You can't use live minnows or other baitfish in waters above 7,000 feet or anywhere west of the Continental Divide. Other kinds of live bait are legal such as worms, crickets, grasshoppers, crawdads, mealworms, waxworms, and leeches.
  6. Where in Colorado will you be? There are lots of guides, so narrowing the area a little will help us help you.
  7. I got the iFinder H20 for Christmas and I love it! Get the Map Create software from Lowrance, too!
  8. Quote: Take the length of the fish times the girth squared (times 2) and divide that by 3000 and that will give you a very close approximation of weight. The formula I have always used is length (in inches) x girth (in inches) x girth divided by 800. The formula is pretty accurate for bigger fish. I've taken the measurements from several fish that I also weighed, then ran the calculation and compared the result to the known weight. In each case the two weights were very close.
  9. Quote: Mik: I was also told that you can use a dead perch(many in the lake) because they are not considered a game fish. Actually the 2005 Colorado regulations define "game fish" as including yellow perch (p.6), but another section of the regulations lists yellow perch as one of the species of fish that may be used as bait (p. 8). So, yes, you can use dead perch for bait in Sanchez.
  10. Sorry Mikanaak- Sanchez sits at approx. 8000 feet, so no live minnows for bait.
  11. Quote: i thought the world record walleye was 25lbs. caught in 1960 in tennesse. Nope. That supposed "record" was debunked in the last few years. The recognized world record walleye is 22 lb. 11 oz. from Grear's Ferry, Arkansas, caught in 1982.
  12. I talked to the folks at Budget Tackle on Monday. The lake is still all open water. Catching lots of macks, mostly small, from shore around Dike #3 and similar areas.
  13. I use a Mr. Heater on top of a small BBQ propane tank. It's not the big 20 lb. tank - I think it's a 10 lb. It will keep my hut shirtsleeve warm in -30F. Even on low it is too much heat for my Fish Trap. I have to open it up often to let some heat out. On low it will last about 16 hours I think. Watch out for any of these heaters, though, especially with kids. With insulated clothes, if not paying attention, you can get too close to the flame and melt the clothes or start them on fire without ever feeling the heat through them. My bibs have the burn marks to prove it!
  14. I-70 west to US 40. Hwy 40 to just west of Granby, then Colo. 125 north toward Walden. The turn-off is just this side of Walden and is well-marked. It's about 165 miles from Littleton to the lake. That's a much faster way than I-25 and Colo. 14.
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