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  1. Use cedar shaving. They tend to last a lot longer than other type of wood. I don't know what the reasoning is either. Check the DU HSOforum they have a good plan otherwise email at renbed03atyahoo.com and I can email you some.
  2. Jonny, I can't thank you enough for helping me through this process. I am going to get one from a local retailer. I checked tiger and they were cheaper than local retailers but after tax and shipping would be about even. I would like to be able to look at it before I buy it. Thank you again, Duckbill
  3. I have never ordered anything that big from an online store. I have read some of the reviews and wonder if you get scammed sometimes. It is a $100 difference though. Have you ever ordered from any of these companies online.
  4. Fuji FinePix 4.0-Megapixel Digital Camera Model: S5100 This flexible automatic/manual digital camera lets you get up close and personal with 0.4" focus, and its high-performance 10x optical zoom ensures crisp and clear images. 4.0-megapixel CCD captures high-resolution images up to 2272 x 1704 pixels 10x optical/3.6x digital/36x total zoom 1.5" TFT-LCD; electronic viewfinder; low-light viewfinder function Best Buy has this one for $315
  5. Jonny, You may be my go to guy for information. It sound likes I want the exact same setup as you have. Her birthday is in a couple weeks and the ducks and geese have started returning so I would like to have her get some photos. We have a lot of buffies land in open water in the spring within 50 yards of our deck. Where could I track down the same setup you have? You said that it was much cheaper than $350 now? Also about the 7x zoom lense. She has a Nikon 35MM with extra zoom lenses. How would I go about looking to see if those would work on this camera or if I will have to buy a new zoom lense. Thank you for all your help. Duckbill Duckbill
  6. Fuji Finepix 4 MP Digital Camera - S5100 This one has 10X optical zoom and is $349.00 Anyone own one of these?
  7. I see that Fujifilm makes a 3MP 10X optical zoom for around $300. Does anyone know about the quality of these cameras? I have bought stuff off of hsolist before but I am wondering how risky it is buying a camera off hsolist incase something were to go wrong with it.
  8. Thanks. I will check that one out. It think that one of the main features that she wants is high zoom. Duckbill
  9. I am also wondering if I go ahead and just get a seperate digital camera that doesn't work with the attachments from the Nikon what everyone recommends. I would be able to spend $300+ for right now. Anyone have any that they really like a lot? Duckbill
  10. Hello All, I have a couple questions. My wife has a digital camera now but wants something with better clarity and stronger zoom. Last year she also bought a 35MM Nikon that has different lenses for zoom, shading, and things like that. The camera without extra lenses was $400-$500 but I don't know what model. Do they make a digital camera that she could use the same attachments on? I can't spend to much but are looking to see what my options are. Duckbill
  11. I saw about 20 owls north of Crosby Friday morning on the way to Red. I couldn't beleive my eyes. There were all over the sides of the road. Pretty cool to see.
  12. Even guides can only shoot 1 limit a day. I know that in a lot of cases that while the clients are missing the birds that the guides are knocking them out of the sky and I can speak on that with first hand experience. But as stated, technically party hunting is illegal and if one guy shoots his limit the law states that he should be done shooting. The laws are there to protect the birds. I think that it is a good law too. Duckbill
  13. I buy all my waterfowl gear from Mack's. I have never had any issues with anything that I have bought from them. They seem to have everything that a waterfowler would ever need. They run a good outfit.
  14. Buzzsaw, I look forward to spending some time on the water here soon. I went fishing on the river last week just so I could cast some lures instead of just dropping a jig down a hole. It is a fun time. A good way to learn some new fishing techniques from some good fishermen. Duckbill
  15. We should be able to get 15 teams. I know several guys that fish just during the week in different series that may be interested. We must have had a couple teams not returning then huh?
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