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  1. 2000 F150--Pulling a 6.5 X 12 V-front. I've never paid attention to mileage now that I think of it. But--the guage does go from F to E pretty quick. I do the same with the O/D off and I'd guess 8-10. I look at it this way--I drive from St. Francis to Mille Lacs on average 6 weekends per winter to fish. Whatever I'm spending in extra gas money is well worth it.
  2. Just converted a camper last year. It's a 10 X 7. I have the following observations about doing this type of project. Good Points--It's cheap (if you can weld or know someone who can). It's relatively simple. We welded a retangular box under the existing frame. On the sides running parralell to the side walls, we mounted the piviting arms and a mount for the winch. The winch system is similar to the factory built houses. Bad Points (or at least points to consider). Due to limited wheel well heights, the new wheel system is on the outside of the house (just like the houses you can purchase). However--this house is already over 7 feet wide so the wheel assembly puts the house beyond legal road width. The extra width also makes it hard (or impossible) to cross some bridges (if you fish lakes like Mille Lacs). The position of the camper door requires us to completely unbolt the wheel assembly on the door side. Most campers have little (or no) insulation in the floor. I would recommend insulating the floor prior to having the frame welded. Hole placement is restricted to whereever there are no frame rails. I would wait to drill holes until the retractable wheel frame is welded under the house. In summary--the entire cost to purchase and convert this camper was about $1000. If you can't weld, your better to find a guy who works out of his house compared to one of the "professional" shops. They want in excess of $1000 just for the welding. I'm not saying it's not worth it, but there's a lot of good welders who don't have the overhead and will do the job for half of the number above. So--does it work--yes. Our plans are to keep this house, but I'm planning on purchasing another (probably Ice Castle as there is a dealer by me). My biggest issue is not knowing that I will be able to get over a bridge. If you fish lakes that do not require bridges, it may not be an issue. If you'd like some pics, let me know and I can snap a few digital pics and send them your way. JRS
  3. JRS

    Engine Heaters?

    My truck came with one, but I bought a van a few months back and had one installed. Cost was around $100. Vans are not easy to work on but even if they were--$100 isn't much considering the nightmare you could end up with if things don't go exactly according to plan. Good Luck
  4. Mine is a mis-typed version of my initials and I didn't feel like changing it. So much for creativity.
  5. PowerStroke--there are a lot of good arguements about not taking your limit every time, but Mille Lacs and Red are hardly two of them.When I was a kid fishing Leach (in the 70's) the main culprit of the day was the people coming up from Iowa taking every fish they pulled in. In the end, I'm not sure how much damage they did. My guess is you can put too much pressure on a given lake, but there were a lot of assumptions made based on City's first post which seemed fairly innocent to me. I only visit two forums frequently. Both are very informative, but like all communication done on one level, it's easy for things to get out of hand. There's a ton of good info on this site--thanks to all that contribute.
  6. JRS

    Mille Lacs

    Anyone been on or near Mille Lacs recently? I won't have the house ready until the Friday after Chistmas, but was wondering if/where they are driving and if there is a lot of snow (on the lake) from this weeks storm. I live about 70 miles south and we got about 6 inches in the latest round. Thanks in advance.
  7. No problems pulling them on the lake, however I do carry a set of cables (the newer version of tire chains). I used them once when I was really stuck--I won't go on the lake without them.
  8. My dad and I once built a camper/fish house combo that we could use in the back of a truck and as a fish house. We also built a trailer when using it as a fish house as loading and unloading it was a bear. The tough part would be building a frame for under the camper. I purchased an old tow behind camper last year and I am in the process of having a frame with retractable wheels installed. The guy is doing it for around $500. When I get it back this weekend I'll snap some pics. If there's a way to weld it up, they could probably do it.
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