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  1. Don, This 9 year old has been hunting since he was 2. Yes I’m not kidding. Since he was two years old. He has sat with his dad on countless hunts where deer were passed a couple were taken. Last season he sat with his dad as he arrowed a nice 8 point. He has put more time in to shooting and hunting prep than most grown men. I don’t think he would have a problem with understanding what it means to take a deer’s life.
  2. My best friends son is 9. He has been practicing archery for a long time now and can easily pull back over 30lbs. He is deadly up to 15-20 yards and has practiced from multiple places like blinds and stands. I can’t find anything in the book stating he can’t hunt but it does say licenses are for hunters 10 and older. Does that mean he can hunt deer but must be with a licensed hunter and apply their tag if he harvests an animal? Or is it illegal for him to hunt because he’s not 10? Why do our regulations always have to be so confusing?
  3. 2 buddies and I are leaving this Thursday (10/12) for a first season rifle elk hunt in West Central Colorado on public land. For me, it is my first elk hunt. I have been working out for a few months and bought some necessary gear. My rifle is sighted in and I'm mostly packed. Hopefully, we will find some elk. 2 of us have bull tags and the other has a cow tag. If you have any suggestions or tips that you may be able to share as far as tactics, unusual gear that a person may need, advice, etc please feel free to share!
  4. Saw a nice buck cruising at about 60 yards yesterday morning. Then last night, had two 1 1/2 year old bucks pushing around and chasing what looked like a female fawn or maybe a small yearling doe. Made for some fun entertainment for quite a while on stand. My buddy missed a nice 8 on Saturday evening. Our group of 4 saw deer on every sit this weekend. This week albeit warm, should still see some low light action with the bucks getting ramped up. It'll be fun being in the stand.
  5. The start of my favorite 3 1/2 months is almost here! It has been a crazy summer and I am ready for some tree stand therapy. Good luck to all the bow hunters out there that will brave the mosquitoes this weekend. I will be in a managed area looking to fill the freezer with a healthy doe so I can focus on Mr. Buck the rest of the season.
  6. The start of my favorite 3 1/2 months is almost here! It has been a crazy summer and I am ready for some tree stand therapy. Good luck to all the bow hunters out there that will brave the mosquitoes this weekend. I will be in a managed area looking to fill the freezer with a healthy doe so I can focus on Mr. Buck the rest of the season.
  7. The start of my favorite 3 1/2 months is almost here! It has been a crazy summer and I am ready for some tree stand therapy. Good luck to all the bow hunters out there that will brave the mosquitoes this weekend. I will be in a managed area looking to fill the freezer with a healthy doe so I can focus on Mr. Buck the rest of the season.
  8. I am planning to archery hunt in MN. Mostly in central Minnesota. I am taking a trip to Colorado in October. Unfortunately, it will be with a rifle and not a bow. I got invited on a sweet little trip for the second rifle season near Grand Junction. Couldn't pass it up. Hoping to get out there during late September in a few years. With our first baby on the way, that may become more of a challenge.
  9. I have been struggling to find time to get out guys. I have been out two times with encounters both times that did not lead to any shots. I am hoping to make it out this weekend, but with putting our house up for sale there were lots of honey-do projects I needed to complete that have been eating up my time. Sorry gentlemen for not contributing to the conversation much. I hope to get it done yet, but it might have to be more luck than skill with my limited time.
  10. Hey fellas, I will be hunting in Wright County the entire season as I will be only using archery. This is my 3rd year in a row trying archery only for turkeys. I had two great opportunities last year that I didn't cash in on. One was so close I shot through the material of my blind. The property I hunt is pretty good and with the nice winter their should be plenty of birds. I will settle for the first legal bird as I have yet to stick one with my bow. Good luck to all! I am excited to read your stories!
  11. I bought my first bow when I was 14 years old. I was the first person in my family to take up interest in the sport. The first couple years, without a driver's license, I hardly ever made it out to the stand. However, once I turned 16 and started dating the woman who would become my wife, I have been an extremely dedicated bowhunter. It just so happened my in-laws owned a nice chunk of land that gave me a place to hunt on a regular basis close to home. Over the past ten years I have had countless encounters, shot a few does, lost a dandy buck in Camp Ripley, but other than that never drew back on another buck. Waiting for the right one was fine by me. I enjoy hunting so much that I no longer gun hunt. The thrill of the having close encounters with deer is an amazing feeling that I cannot achieve with the range of a gun. This year something was different. My life had changed, new job, newly married, new problems to deal with. Not as much time to hunt in the past. All that coupled with a loss of my early season bowhunting property I was just not enjoying gun opening weekend with friends and family. I was letting it get to me and not able to find the enjoyment that usually accompanies my time in the woods. However, my best friend, convinced me to get off my butt, turn off the Vikings game and head to stand earlier than I wanted to. I unwillingly went with no optimism at all. I got to the stand about 2:15 yesterday afternoon. I sat down and thought to myself, "With a busy wrestling season approaching (I coach), I'm going to shoot a doe and fill my tag so that I don't end up eating tag soup again. At 3:00 I noticed a few deer in the alfalfa field in front of me about 80 yards away. They were skittish with the wind blowing as strong as it was. As they came back to the woods I could see them working their way towards me. I thought "If any of these are does, I am going to shoot one." These three deer spent over a half hour within 30 yards offering many shots within 10 yards that could have ended my evening. I convinced myself that these deer were just a little too small and gave them a pass. They hung out by me for most of the night until they wandered off to be never seen again. At 4:45, I began to cough uncontrollably, and my pessimism was at an all time high. I figured I scared every deer in the county away after that ordeal. After a moment, I noticed a couple does had popped out on the far edge of the field out of the CRP. Too far away to shoot but again something to watch and give a glimmer of hope. They were content, eating alfalfa, and were not planning to head in my direction. At about 5:05 I heard a twig snap to the South and I noticed there was a deer sporting antlers headed in my direction. As he came closer, I noticed he had 5 on one side and was as wide as the ears. I immediately decided that this was the deer I would be happy to place my tag on, if the opportunity presented itself. As he came within range he turned and headed towards the alfalfa field and was staring at the does that were feeding. If he was to continue the path he was on, he would have walked out of my range and onto another day. I played out all the possible scenarios for his next moves, even though, they were all unlikely with the does on his mind. I thought there was no way I was going to get a shot at this deer with those does being his reason for being here. Just as my pessimism was beginning to creep back into my mind, he did a 180 and headed back into the woods headed right towards my lane at 12 yards. As he stepped behind a tree, I drew. He stepped out and I squeezed the trigger. I watched my rage and lighted nock disappear behind his shoulder and lodge itself into the ground behind him. He took off, tail down. I watched him scamper through the woods, and after 50 yards, I saw him crash into the ground. The feeling of joy rushed through my body! I was so pumped to know that the 10 year wait for the right buck was over. I texted everyone in my phone letting them know I shot a buck, except my best friend. I got down and headed back to the spot where he was going to pick me up. I waited for him with the biggest smile I have had in a long time. When he pulled up, I tried to hide my excitement. I told him I had shot a buck! The celebrating began! We went home, got the rest of the group we hunt with and went out to do a short track job and take pictures of him! He's not a monster. He's a 2 1/2 year old 9 point. Inside spread was 15 5/8. He gross scored just over 100 inches. He weighed 158 pounds. To me, he is a symbol of hard work, dedication, and patience. I couldn't be happier with him! Thank God for my buddy making me get off my butt and get in the stand, or I would still be moping about today! Thanks for reading!
  12. I will again be chasing turkeys with the late season archery tag in MN. I had 4 close encounters last year, but no shots fired. This year will hopefully be better. The place I hunt is loaded with birds every year. If I hunted with a gun, I could have shot a turkey in all 4 close encounters. The challenge and rush with a bow is addicting! I will also be taking out my younger cousin. He shot a nice tom last season on Easter morning with me. Can't wait to hear those first gobbles coming in my direction!
  13. I also am getting very excited for Spring Turkey. After a tag soup fall for deer and turkey, I thought maybe I would just use my shotgun this spring to up my odds for turkey, but the closer it gets the more amped I am to shoot one with my bow. I came so close last season 3 different times, but wasn't able to get it done. I will be back at it with the bow. This coming fall- I am definitely not going to be able to get out west and hunt elk just yet. Being a teacher just makes that darn near impossible. Someday though... I was thinking about an OTC whitetail tag in ND. I have been thinking about it for 3 years now. It's time to put my money where my mouth is. If we get the late start to the school year I am anticipating (Sept. 8 is Tuesday after labor day). That would leave me with some days to hunt in the warm, early season and then back out again later in the fall. Maybe again in December, if the stars align. Otherwise, I will be in search of bucks in Wright and Becker county. Getting my wife her first deer is up there too. That has to get done in September because the cold weather isn't for her just yet. I am sure I will make a few trips to the duck/goose blind as always, and an annual trip to SW MN for pheasants. Oh how fall excites me! I can't wait!
  14. My buddy and I were out last night and he finally put a good shot on his first archery deer. He was somewhat disappointed that he had taken a little buck, but it was his first archery deer in his 3rd or 4th season hunting. He deserved to finally put some meat in the freezer! I told him, "Any deer this late in the season is a trophy, plus it's your first one!" After a little bit, he forgot about the size and we celebrated the harvest with a few beers and a story we'll share forever! So happy I was able to put him on his first archery deer. We hunt on a golf course and his "shot" ended up in the rough... Hence the drop area sign!
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