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  1. The Fryin' Saucer is the only thing I use to cook my fish. Haven't tried it on the lake, but would imagine it would work just fine. Keep it out of the wind and you shouldn't have any issues. Love the fact that you don't need much more than a quart of oil and you can fry all day in it.
  2. +1 on both the 6061 Black Betty AND the No.8 CGI. I have been using the 6061 for 2 full seasons and picked up a No.8 to try last year. They are essentially the same reel on the inside according to the guy I talked to in the 13 Fishing booth at the sportsmans show this spring. The difference is that the 6061 is an all metal frame and the No.8 is a polymer frame. There is a noticeable difference in the weight (both the reel and your pocketbook!) because of that. To me, both have nice smooth drag systems and a very good free-spool. I've tried the Eagle Claws and, at least for me, I think the No.8 would be a better way to go. I will pick up another No.8 this year at the Blaine ice show.
  3. Totally agree on reducing the brightness and backlight settings to increase the battery life on an LX7. I got 20+ hours of battery life out of my 9ah battery and could have gotten more had I turned town the brightness and backlight settings sooner than I did.
  4. It would seem to me that some of these users need to figure out how to use their electronics. I sat in a hub house a couple of weeks ago with 4 of my buddies fishing just a few feet from each other. I was using my Marcum LX7 and all of my buddies were using their Vexilars, ranging from an FL8 to FL18s. We were all fishing just fine together with a few tweaks of the IR. Not rocket science, just a little patience. Some people must find it hard to bend over to push an IR button.
  5. +1 I've used 1st and now the 2nd gen 6061s and picked up a No8 this year also. The No8 is a great place to start for your first inline, but I prefer the drag on the 6061s. IMO both freespool very nice even with light jigs. Kind of like baitcasters... takes some time to get them dialed in and you get what you pay for.
  6. BriGuy88


    A buddy of mine picked one up last year and let me use it for a weekend to compare to my VS380. Picture quality on my VS380 was a bit better, especially when trying to pick things up in the distance, but overall, I'd say nice camera. I think they saved some money on their case so not sure how durable that will be. If I was in the market for a first camera, I'd have a tough time looking past it at that price point.
  7. Synthetic rope is the only thing I will use now. If you do upgrade, be sure to get a new hawse fairlead and install that too. Synthetic can pinch easier in a roller fairlead causing damage and burrs on an older fairlead will cause your new synthetic rope to wear prematurely. Another option if you only intend to use the winch for plowing is to get a plow strap for your winch. There is a local place in Rogers MN that can get you set up with anything you need.
  8. I've done a lot of research on docks over the past 10 years and was finally able to pull the trigger on a new V-Dock this year to replace my old PortaDock with cedar decking. I couldn't be happier with my decision! No more fixing of dock sections every year and no more lifting them off to be able to roll the dock out of the water! My neighbor has a Floe which is a really nice dock too that rolls in and out of the water with ease. The thing I really like about the V-Dock is that the frame is actually v-shaped aluminum and won't catch any of the floating weeds that used to find their way into the truss frame of my PortaDock. Plus, the whole crew at V-Dock is great to work with!
  9. I've had a VS380 for 4 years now. It has been a great camera IMO. All will vary in performance depending on your water clarity but I'd highly recommend the VS380 if you can find one.
  10. Signed. A word of caution though... make sure you pay attention to the subsequent petitions that pop up and don't sign them all without reading what they are about.
  11. I've had good luck with hockey tape. Comes in different colors and comes off the cork clean. Also works good to write the line weight on it with a sharpie.
  12. I was just at a volunteer water patrol meeting last night with the Wright Cty Sheriff's Dept. As magnum indicated, there is a 50 mph speed limit on lakes when frozen, but no speed limit on open water.
  13. Just purchased my 4th Subaru last Saturday so I'm definitely a believer in the Subies. The AWD is a huge selling point for me as well as the safety and reliability. Can't speak to the OP's question about reliability of Volvo's but it's been nothing but routine maintenance on all of my previous Subaru's.
  14. I decided to join the craze this year and give a fly reel a try. Picked up a Big C-branded reel from the Rogers store and loaded it up. Takes a while to get used to the lack of freespooling and also the 1:1 retrieve, but it has been fun landing crappies this year with it! No line twist whatsoever! The drag on the $44 Big C reel seems really nice. Agree that this set up works better for shallower applications, but I don't think I'd have any worries about trying to land a walleye with it... as long as it is spooled up with appropriate line. One thing the guys recommended was to use tip up line for backer and then finish with mono. Worked good for me.
  15. I own a 2007 1860 Angler with a 150 Yamaha... great combo IMO. Based on the "sale price" of $39k I saw at the boat show for my same boat/motor with very few accessories (electronics, extra seats, etc.) I would say that $26k for the Reata you are looking at is a pretty fair price especially when you factor in the kicker motor. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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