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  1. Tanaka. 7 year warranty, all steel contruction. Your choice of flytes.
  2. It's gotten much colder. Ice is gelling nice now. Yeah, lots of snow. Not going to be much truck travel I think. Sled would be my choice.
  3. Some guides are exploring areas of the lake. This warm weather is dragging things out, for sure. It's not stable yet. Some guys are out 600 yards to a mile off shore. They are being extremely cautious, for sure. Sleds only.
  4. Still no safe ice. FYI, even those of us that are local don't plan to fish it until around Christmas, it's too big and any wind screws the ice up. Even the river is not safe in a lot of places. Temps are dropping, will keep you posted.
  5. Only a 300 denier fabric. In our climate, no way to keep it warm, and will condensate like crazy and end up cracking. Very cheap, IMO.
  6. Up here no problem getting 250-275 for it. (Winnipeg)
  7. The RT-9 should be out. They are waiting on FCC approval for the GPS. Not sure if it's worth the price tag though....
  8. I fish from cil road north. 12 feet early as the eyes are untouched and Not pressured. I don't fish the river at all once the lake ice has firmed up. I was on third week in November last year. The ice on the lake started good, then a big wind came up and piled it all up in the south basin.
  9. The big girl is sketchy in December. One wind can screw everything up. Usually safe by Christmas for foot and sled traffic, all depends on the cold. I'm usually on the red by early December. The walleye are hot at first ice.
  10. Complete poultry ban in place. No uncooked poultry of any kind, including eggs. Due to avian flu in Minnesota.
  11. Don't want to be a Debbie downer, but our laws are very strict for drinking and driving. DUI is a felony here. Not saying the folks driving will be drinking, but two drinks puts you close to .008 pretty quick. Just be aware. The OPP are zero tolerance on drinking and driving.
  12. 1. 40.00 here in manitoba for a 24 of blue. Be cheaper if you buy at duty free. 2. 20-30 bucks for a bottle of whiskey. Again, cheaper at duty free. 3. Bait depends on where you buy it. Call the lodge and ask.
  13. Thanks guys. The more of our American friends that sign, the more weight it has. Visitor dollars are very important and when you speak, governments listen.
  14. The sno-bear convention was an annual event. It's our group, WAAM( walleye anglers assoc. of manitoba) hosting its sister group, the FM walleye club. Had to be 30 bears cruising around!
  15. There is now a 300 yard slush pit just off warner. Unload on shore first. Quads are the way to go. Zero snow on the ice. I'm not going to post that the ice is safe.... That's up to each angler. A good video was posted on our ice fishing manitoba Facebook page showing a local drilling test holes. 42", 8-10" of water/slush just under the crust from the warm weather last weekend. Prudens is impassible. The ice around the mouth is soft and extremely unstable... Always gets rotten quick there. Be safe, and pick your path.
  16. Its getting sketchy already. Fish are still spread out, and not staging in the usual spots. Really soupy out there yesterday. Might be touch and go towards the 19th.
  17. mobility is key. punch lots of holes. don't be afraid to use big baits. one of our local pro's started using big salmon type spoons this year, and they are hammering them. a new hotel has opened in selkirk, your 20 minutes from the lake. if you stay at the casino, you can sled right to the lake from there. message me if you need any help.
  18. As long as your fishing on a lake that doesn't have a no bait restriction, your fine.
  19. hope your not planning to tow it around.....ice ridges are making things interesting. one good dump of snow, no trucks will be on the lake.
  20. brakes should be the only concern: Manitoba Brakes On Trailers Every semi-trailer that forms part of, or is attached to, a semi-trailer truck, and every trailer that is attached to a motor vehicle and that has a gross weight in excess of 910 kg (2,006 Ibs), when upon a highway shall be equipped with brakes adequate, when operated in combination with the brakes of the motor vehicle or semi-trailer to which it is attached, to stop and hold the semi-trailer truck, or the semi-trailer truck and trailer, or the motor vehicle and trailer, as the case may be, within the distances prescribed by the l
  21. Spoiler alert.... I think Beth's character is done. Deadheads have said Emily Kinney, the actress that plays her has sold her Atlanta condo, and the cast and crew had one of their dead dinners they have when a character is killed off. Sure hope not, but it's leaning that way....
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