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  1. Currently I use a 21" bow saw. I've read some reviews on the Sven Saw and it seems people really like them. Besides the portability of folding down so compact what are the advantages of this saw over a traditional bow saw? Basically, does it cut better with less effort? Anyone have experience with those pocket chain saws, aka. survival saw, saber saw? Do they cut any easier or are they just more convenient because they're so compact? Or are they a gimmic?
  2. If you had to pick one which of these two would you choose? A couple features of each... Vinnie- -500cc -rear swing arm suspension -carb -5.0 gal fuel capacity KQ- -450cc -IRS -fuel injection -differential lock -4.6 gal fuel capacity Both have roughly the same dimensions. Both weigh the same. Thanks for your insight~
  3. Does anyone know if there's a company out there that makes an after market rocker type gear shifter? I think Arctic Cat has them on there machines. I'm looking to put one on my '01 king quad. Thanks, protiller
  4. She's only 5 weeks. I can't wait until she's old enough and we can start working with her. (Sorry for the size of the pic, I couldn't get it any smaller.) Any thoughts on a name? Wife says the call name will be Bella. Sire is GMPR Spioncop Christos Magic Baker SH Dam is Double Shot and a Miss Hailey
  5. [Note from Admin: Please read forum rules before posting again. Thank You!]
  6. Birddog labs, did I see somewhere where you breeded to Baker out of Holzinger Kennels. How did your pups turn out? What are they doing today? Thanks for your info- -protiller
  7. Here's Hailey after coming out of the lake. Here she is again locked on point.
  8. Mini Fox 40.....never have to worry of it freezing up as it's pea less.
  9. You do not have to pay Minnesota sales tax. However, if you register your machine in the state of Wisconsin you'll have to pay Wisconsin their 5% sales tax.
  10. Lakeville artist, Stephen Hamrick paints sporting dogs. His work is worthy of a look.
  11. I'd like the large enclosed hose reel and the dog vest. Email your contact info to hinsch (at) frontiernet (dot) net
  12. protiller


    I fed Nutro until they had ingredient supply issues about four months ago. I then switched to Nutri and haven't found a need to switch back. With both companies I fed/feed large breed lamb and rice. Both are good products and I'd reccommend either.
  13. If you have deaks start working your dog on land before moving to water.
  14. To answer the original post. Today's GPS units will get you within 3 meters. When in times of war the military scrambles the signal to make the GPS less accurate. (A prior post kinda elluded to this). However, there is a seperate antenna one can purchase that unscrambes this signal but it's way to expensive for the average Joe and frankly not worth it.
  15. Lookin4fish, I have found that if you call early in the week you'll be on hold forever. If you call later in the week you won't be on hold for as long. Also if you leave a message they're pretty good at getting back to you in a timely matter. I had an LMS 350A that I was having issues with and they rebuilt it for me. Then a few years later I was having screen issues and tried to have it rebuilt again. They said they could do it but parts were no longer available and I'd have to wait until a junk 350 came in and there was no definite date when that would be. In the end Lowrance ended up upgrading me to an LCX 15mt.
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