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  1. Me and my gal are going to be at Roy lake SP this coming weekend. We have not been in that area of SD and are looking forward to getting out there. Can someone help out with some fishing reports from Roy and the surrounding lakes and maybe some ideas on what is working to catch some fish. Thanks for the help! Andy
  2. I was thinking of heading up to shell lake for the opener. I haven't fished Shell lake before and would like some pointers. Not spots... just general information on depth to start at and type of bait. Any info would be great!! Thanks
  3. Been out to Cedar a couple of times. Caught fish but it seems a bit slow compared to last year at this time. Anyone had better luck then I have?
  4. When we went out with PerchEyes we fished a new spot or 2 every day. Usually fished 1 spot in the AM and moved to another in the afternoon. They have 2 wheel houses they pull around with them and portables for larger groups. We even tip up fished for northerns one morning. We hand over 30 flags in a couple hours.I have fished Red lake and Lake of the woods a bunch of times and fishing with PerchEyes was a great time. The guides are with you all day plus they cook you a hot lunch every day. At least give them a look [note from admin: please read forum policy before posting again. thanks]
  5. Give PerchEyes a call. Went with them last year and had a great time
  6. I have a daughter attending Northland College in Ashland so I will be up that way this winter. I want to try a little ice fishing. I was thinking I would fish right out from town. Could someone fill me in on what to expect? What type of lake access will there be? Can I drive my truck or do I want to bring the 4 wheeler or snowmobile? What species of fish is most common in that area? Any info would be great, Thanks Fishy
  7. What size perch we talking about here. If they are nice it might be fun to give it a shot.
  8. Got out last night there was plenty of ice on the south end near the bat. 10 or so inches. I was looking at a Cedar lake association and it said there was 172 cribs in the lake
  9. When you say nice Perch... What size you talking about? I didn't think there where any good perch lakes around here.
  10. I was thinking about hitting the south end of cedar. Any reports on ice thickness?
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