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  1. I'm looking at used GMC Acadia's because it would serve the family well for transportation. However I'm not at all experianced with it's ability to move around in snow on the lake and likley pull a medium sized wheelhouse. I've only driven 4WD's on the lake and not an AWD. Specifically about a 07-09 GMC Acadia AWD. Anyone have any first hand experiance one or can shed some on it's ability to go through snow. I know it's dependant upon the amount of snow and even the tires will make a big difference but what are your thoughts overall? Thank you in advance
  2. Thanks for the great time everyone. It was really nice to put some faces with the names. Thanks for the cool prizes for capturing the big fish, I was totally blown away with the goodies. I put some of it to good use today and took my Mom out to the hole and she caught a couple cats for the first time. Hope to see you all again on the ice soon.
  3. Count me in guys. I'm a rookie at this event so if I need to eat some cut bait for initiation please let me know so I can choose a proper beverage to wash it down with it. I'll bring some tortilla chips and homemade salsa.
  4. Well guys I've poked, prodded, vacuumed, blown, scratched, brushed and checked for obstructions all to no avail. I tried the control module which was what my gas company diagnosed but that didn't work. Oh and now I cannot even get the main burner to light. So perhaps I made it worse. I think it's time for another professional.
  5. Those are really good ideas to check. Thanks guys, I'll let you know the outcome in a couple days after I get to it again.
  6. Yes electronic ignition to light the pilot. Pilot light stays on and lights the main burner. The main burner stays on but only enough gas so that it lights part of the burner or it goes out for a bit until there is enough gas to make it flame up but nothing like it used to be. When the main burner is on the partial flame is about one half inch. The manual valve control is turned all the way up already.
  7. My five year old propane fireplace is only putting out enough gas to run the pilot light and sometimes enough just to make a small flame that goes on and off. The gas company has pressure tested to the fireplace and that's good so what could it be? Gas valve, electronic control module? It's a Heat and Glow 6000 series.
  8. Thanks ANYFISH2. It's a great opportunity. I'll post any results.
  9. Sure sounds like a good deal. It probably matches what a dealer would buy it for so if it checks out clean you should snatch it up before someone else does. I bought a 2003 400 4x4 new and still love it. One of the best purchases I've made. Good luck.
  10. Hey Steve great offer. We certainly appreciate it. There is a great HSOforum to promote the discount to military members across the state if your interested. Check out http://www.btyr.org/home Then look at the events and deals. If you decide to, hit the contact us link and the people listed there are really great people who help our guys and gals out tremendously. Thanks again for your support.
  11. Thanks guys I will have to try the fan. Tonight it won't even turn on.
  12. Like Ryan said. Honda. I struggled on the cost versus what you get being they are sooo much higher. I saved a while longer and am glad I did. Since your going to run the occasion microwave or ever want to use a coffee maker, toaster, or electric skillet you might want to go with the EU2000i. Some places will have them on the shelf for $849. My father in law has the 1000 Honda and for the small price difference wishes he would have went with the 2000. His coffee maker trips it. Send me a note if you want the location where it was $849. Not sure if I can post it on this site.
  13. Electronic guys, I need your help. I have a 52" rear projection RCA that I bought used about 8 years ago and it's now having problems. She's been real good to me and I'm not ready to put her out to pasture. I know I should be at the point to upgrade but I'm not ready to spend the dough and it's a built in and I really like it... when it works. Here's what it's doing: Turns on just fine but then at any given time it shuts it's self off. Usually makes it about 60-75 minutes. After that it may or may not turn back on for a while. Almost always turns on the next day. Seems like something must be h
  14. All these different brands of windows I've read all the above advice and have had three companies come out and been to three dealers for prices of windows installed or just the windows. Too much, I think I'm confused. I want high quality window with a lifetime warranty, double pain, low E, and not a replacement window. Possible install myself without losing the warranty. Many say it needs to be installed by a professional but I would like to hear why. Nobody tells me a straight answer other than just because "These guys have been doing this for years and know what their doing". Also need a s
  15. Like Jim and Candiru I am very pleased with my Yamaha. I have a 07 with the variable speed which is handy but I haven't used it much. I think the biggest strong points are the ease of use with the controls including the trim, push button trolling speed and nice forward/reverse handle. You won't be disappointed. Good Luck.
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