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  1. Thanks for the info. I wasn't able to get a rental car at a decent rate and an attempt to get a ride to Homer isn't working out. Traveler, there was an opening with Brooks Alaskan Adventures and another one with North Country charters the following day. I was pretty happy that both of those were still available for long range trips. Looks like I'll have to convince some family or friends to go next time to defer some of the getting there cost.
  2. Thanks! I'm on final approach with my wife who could yet kbosh. Yep, Traveler and FK, would normally book in advance if possible, but a good captain is avail, redeemable airline miles, and most importantly the rental car rates came down from sold out and $260/day down to $100/day. If I had more time I'd try Fish Creek as well or Seward Silvers, but if the Kenai's still cranking why bother. They may even have a 6 fish limit by then. Any other intel on fish freezing around Soldotna? I recall using a place to freeze/box that went pretty well but I can't remember the name.
  3. I'm considering a bit of a last minute suicide run to Homer and Kenai Peninsula Aug 1-4 for a Halibut Charter or two and what should be tail end of Kenai Sockeye. Any intel on camping on the spit or is everything going to be full? Thanks, Mark
  4. Anyone have one of these collecting dust? Extended bar adds a top bar for kids and women's bikes that I could use to put on my bike rack. Thanks, Mark
  5. FishFam


    Has anyone purchased leeches in the last few days?? Looking from Metro north for BWCA trip this weekend. Thanks for replies, Mark
  6. Does anyone know if live shiners are available this time of year? What shops might have them? Thanks, Mark
  7. I'm planning to move a stand to a huge cottonwood. Problem is the diameter of the tree is huge. More than the length of the strap w/ the stand. Any advice on what to use or where to get a longer strap?
  8. Fall Lake - BWCA access from your own backdoor - 275' Prime sand lakefront, 1.5 acre, City sewer/water, tall red pines, - Historic Sigurd Olson outfitter building could be restored or completely removed making room for your dream getaway. Priced well below tax value @ $195,000. Email Inquiries.
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