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  1. How's it going?   Pretty cold around here.   ;)

  2. RebelSS

    Sous Vide Turkey

    Nope, I got it. Santeria is big in places down there.....in fact, I believe Martin Sheen was in a movie about that "religion".
  3. RebelSS


    I bought myself my Christmas present couple days ago...you know about it...the two books by Helen Hoover.
  4. RebelSS

    Just Food and Drink

    I could see ME using one....
  5. RebelSS


    Story of my life.......we're in the same boat, Mikey.
  6. RebelSS


    Eyeguy's buyin' presents!! OBOY!!
  7. RebelSS

    Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    I'm a Pepsi guy! And I'll flip ya for the buy! No slow learner that I see...not you, anyway. Just glad I can help! (I hope I did....I think we all gave it a whirl)
  8. RebelSS

    Just Food and Drink

    Bobber...you decided anything on the smoker issue yet? Just can't see you with an electric.....nothing wrong with them, though. Kinda like I just can't see Glenn driving a Ferrari......
  9. RebelSS


    Have you checked to see if it's alive??
  10. RebelSS

    Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    Yup, Hawg, 65# on a cold tire. (measure them now, before it's like 10* out.....best temp is around 50-70* for a "true" temp, as air pressure will actually drop a tad when it's below the freezing point. Some high-end car guys in my club (worse than me) actually do the nitrogen tire fill, which IMO, hasn't been significantly proven yet. I just make sure my air tank/compressor is drained after EVERY use, and my filter is working to keep out moisture. I also do a tiny squirt of WD-40 on my Schrader valve once a year in winter. ((keylock holes in doors too) Do NOT fill tires at an outside air hose place in winter!!!!!!!!!!! (Or anytime, really) OK, enough of tires 101 for today. I need a Pepsi.
  11. RebelSS


    Oh.....ya had to know THAT was coming! EG will know, he's got a hidden 20 acre Aviary in his backyard....
  12. RebelSS


  13. RebelSS

    Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    Figgered ya did. Just hate to see anyone lose their house due to a blowout. Watched it happen before. I'm just really "over-cautious" on stuff....
  14. RebelSS

    Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    I'd stop at least a few times to let heat dissipate. Max psi of that 65 lbs, because it's the tire sidewall flex that will get ya into trouble and build up the heat.
  15. RebelSS

    Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    Hoo boy...that's not real good, Hawg.....but ya, max pressure on those, if you're going to run them....but, you're over the safe limit or close (figuring in gear) ...Not trying to be a smartie, either. The tire’s load rating, or “max load,” indicates the individual tire’s safe maximum load-carrying capacity when inflated to its recommended pressure. Never exceed a tire’s maximum load rating (the limit that is molded into the tire sidewall) or the maximum vehicle load limit shown on the vehicle tire placard, whichever is less. The tire is designed and constructed to handle a specific maximum load, and overloading will result in a buildup of excessive heat in the tire, which could lead to tire failure. The load index number, which appears on the tire sidewall, is an assigned number that corresponds to the tire’s load-carrying capacity. Alphanumeric tires will display an alpha code that indicatesmaximum load. The letter can range from “A” to “N” (the higher the letter, the greater the load-carrying capacity at a given inflation pressure). The max load and maximum inflation numbers found on the tire sidewall indicate the maximum load that can safely be carried and the maximum allowable tire pressure. The construction of the tire (belts, bead, carcass, liner) dictates the tire’s ability to withstand pressure. The stronger the reinforcements, the greater pressure the tire can h