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  1. Leech, I saw where you were looking for riding partners, I'd take you up on it now. Lol. I imagine you have a lot of nice dual sport riding in your area, we have lots of it in western ND also, hence the DR. I love this bike. I wish you were parting with that white one about now, I'd take it off your hands. I like that color. I've done a few mods to mine, the seat had to go! I've added an engine case guard since this photo was taken. I'm waiting for bark busters to get here, they are a necessity. Then I will be good.
  2. This thread needs awakening! DR650. Seriously, the most fun cycle I have ever owned, and I've had several.
  3. I have the Honda EU2000I and the EU3000I. Both of them are excellent little generators. I bought the 2000 for the portable stuff I do, and the 3000 for my house. I put in a transfer setup so if I lose my house power I can have the 3000 powering up my critical circuits within minutes. Last fall we had an outage for 15 hours and my quiet little Honda purred like a kitten behind the house, and the noise was so minimal I never lost any sleep whatsoever. The next morning I shut the 3000 down to gas it up, and I could hear a generator next door purring away. It was the next door neighbor, and he has
  4. Can you elaborate on the parts you had issues with? That is surprising to me, I have seen lots of Clams and rarely hear of problems like that. Good luck with your new X2!
  5. Hey, thanks for all the replies. So to sum things up, it is heavy but just do it! I do have an ATV to pull with, so that isn't really a huge issue. I pictured this thing just sliding across the snow and ice if I did want to pull it by hand. And I do anticipate that happening from time to time. And I do fish alone some too, so now I am really undecided. I will be going back to look at them again in a week or two so I will look them over better and maybe look at some of the other suggestions as well. If I knew for a fact I would never have to use this shelter alone I would jump on it. I was
  6. I am seriously considering purchasing this shelter after looking at one in Scheels this past weekend. I'm apprehensive about the weight though, at 135# it isn't exactly the lightest thing out there. I'd be using this shelter with my wife when she wants to tag along, but when she isn't it may be just myself at times. You guys that have this shelter, can you get it loaded in the rear of a pickup by yourselves? And how do you like the X2? It looks like a well built portable, possibly more than a guy actually needs. The tub looks bullet proof. Who has one and how do you like it? Thanks.
  7. I've heard good things about the dryer sheets, so one year when I went to put our 5th wheel camper away I spread the freshly opened Bounce dryer sheets all over the thing, inside and around the perimeter. The building was known to get a few mice in it from time to time. My buddy parked his 5th wheel right next to mine. He is the one who recommended the dryer sheets. Come spring, I had mice. He did not. I sincerely believe it all comes down to what mice can penetrate. Evidently my camper had access holes and his didn't. Both of our campers were entirely cleaned out of food and prepped for stor
  8. Riich


    If you put a teen in or on anything with a motor, it isn't safe.
  9. Riich

    ATV Tracks

    I've been riding the fence for two years wanting to buy tracks for my 700 Grizzly. I was having a hard time parting with over $3K to buy them, but yet thinking it would make much more sense than owning a sled. So the other day my employer purchased tracks for a Polaris Ranger we keep around to do line inspections with. I thought to myself, alrighty, I get to see how these puppies work. My first thought was wow, they don't rob any power to get rolling at all, which really surprised me. And then we took it up a ditch that was 3 feet deep full of fluffy snow. Very impressive, although in deep
  10. I couldn't disagree more. I love the power steering on my Grizzly. Twitchy? Dangerous? Sorry, you lost me there.
  11. Here's one I threw together a while back. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...uge#Post2108168
  12. I had a 2008 Honda Rancher which was a 420, so and I'm pretty sure you are looking at a Foreman. In either event, the deal sounds pretty decent to me also. I had the foot shifter, I had read of the problems with the ES system, but I have friends with the ES that really like them and have had no issues. The Honda Rancher and Foreman are probably the most reliable ATV's out there. I sold mine to get a Yamaha Grizzly 700 for the automatic CVT transmission and more power, but that's just me, the Rancher was one fine ATV. You will like it. Good luck.
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