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  1. I have used almost every resort on LOTW and Arnesons is hands down the best. The worst experience I have ever had was with Zipple Bay.
  2. I love seeing the pictures of all your fish houses. I cant wait to move back up north!
  3. These pictures make me wish I was living back up north. I cant wait to retire!!
  4. Jeremy, perchking is spot on with his advice. Stay away from the crowds and be patient.
  5. I must have missed something. He never said his plan would fit everyone. He was only stating what works for him.
  6. I am also dying to find out what cosmic whimpout is
  7. Perch King, Thanks for the reply. I was up there two years ago, over memorial day, and was amazed at how good the walleye fishing was. I cant wait to get up there and spend a whole week on the water. I will have to get some boards and try trolling the deep flats. Thanks again for the advice.
  8. Hi everyone. How has the fishing been up on Lake Gogebic? The Navy is moving me cross country again this summer, so I am taking a week of leave to spend on Gogebic. I am renting a house on the west side of the lake just south of the state park. It has been a couple years since I have been up there and I cant wait to get back. I will be up there from June 19-27. Any pointers on where to look for the walleye or perch would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am thinking of getting a guide for the first or second day of the trip to show me the lake. Do any of you have any suggestions. Thanks
  9. Any updates? I would love to see the finished interior.
  10. Tom Buckles

    drop shot

    I drop shot alot out here in California. I fish vertically in deep water under the boat and I also cast them out away from the boat towards structure. When I first started drop shotting, the biggest problem i had was not getting good hook sets. I was trying to set the hook like I was texas rigging. Now I just do what some call a reeling hookset. WHen I feel a bite, I simply start reeling in my line. The small drop shot hooks do not require a ton of pressure to penetrate the mouth of a bass. With this reeling hook set technique, I dont miss anywher near as many fish. I hope this helps.
  11. Since I now live in California, I will be looking forward to seeing all of the pictures posted on here of everyones houses and fish. I cant wait to get back to the midwest. 7 more years!!
  12. Tom Buckles

    Dobyns rods

    Im in a bass fishing club here in California and everyone out here loves the Dobyns rods. Probably because he is from the area. Anyways, from what I hear, they are great dropshot rods. Very sensitive with enough backbone to set the hook.
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