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  1. Once in a while somebody has the insane idea of having "family night" on the fishing dock. Problem is their family is one or two toddlers who are too young to understand that NOISE scares fish away And Dad and/mom thinks it's cute to hear the kids yelping and have their kids running up down the dock. I've seen a FEW well-behaved youngsters but most aren't.
  2. I was winterizing my boat motor (1991 40 HP 2-stroke) and I put about 4 ounces of lower unit oil in the tank by mistake. I already put the gas stabilizer in. I was in a hurry and evidently not thinking straight. It was the last thing I put in the tank before topping it off. I haven't run the engine. In fact, it's in storage until May now. I'm thinking I have to drain the tank in May and start all over with the mixture. What do you folks think??
  3. What is the difference, I mean, in appearance? and is there any way I could have asked that without sounding stupid? Maybe there's some HSOforum that features this kind of thing? Not that I'm into that kind of thing. Really, I'd just want to do my share...without being weird.
  4. Hey, I'm looking for a similar bike. I was looking at the Cal Vilano and couldn't find a country of origin or dealership. I see it has Shimano works but I'm a bit leary of it just because I'd like to deal with a bike shop and not a internet webpage (call me old-fashioned) But thanks for mentioning it. I'm considering this bike also.
  5. Thanks guys for all the suggestions. Sounds like bending and filing is the way to go. I'll be better at the C&R this year!
  6. Last year I'd get a sunfish that really swallowed the hook. Is there a way of avoiding this? When this happens what's the best way to unhook the fish? I've been thinking tweezers is the way to go. It would happen on a small flu-flu also.
  7. Outrigger is probably the way to go. Maybe if I want to have some height for casting I'll bring along a camp stool and leave it at that. Thanks!
  8. Is it possible or just fool-hardy to stand and cast in SOT kayak? I'm considering a yak and wondering about this. Has anyone tried this or is it just beyond the capacity of a yak?
  9. Hey popriveter, I'm down there about once every year. Do you care to drop a hint where you're fishing? I'd appreciate a clue either PM or email if you'd like.
  10. That sounds like the plan! Either that or the goggles. My wife is always telling me to go soak my head.
  11. Thanks, dairyman, I have the manual for this old Ultra III. It's the same one I've seen on Retreevo but I don't see where it mentions calibration or recalibration.
  12. I'm looking for a fish/depth finder for under $200. Ive been looking at The Hummingbird 560 and 570. I have a Eagle Ultra III plus that has been playing games with me: working and then not recognizing the transducer once I'm on the lake. I guess that's way my late father-in-law had it mounted on a shelf in his den. I was using the unit as a portable finder and I'm looking to replace it. Anyway, anybody got any recommendations?
  13. yeah, I was contemplating buying a set for when I use my friend's boat. He has a place on a lake by Brainerd but doesn't fish. Towards Fall I also like having along a waterproof tote for dry clothes and rain gear.
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