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  1. Was wondering if anybody has been to Twin or Turqouise lately? Planning on going this weekend. Any info. would be helpful. Thanks! ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  2. Nutt, Thanks Nutt. I get lucky once in a while. I've always done good on numbers at the Fork, but haven't hooked anything worth bragging about yet. On Saturday, they were really chasing the Kokes around. The Vex would light up with alot of small lines with some large red mixed in. I would just reel up to the mess and would instantly hook a fish. Alot of fun! ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  3. Fished Saturday and Sunday west of the boat ramp. Caught 8 macs 14-20"on Saturday, and 12-15 macs on Sunday with 2 over 23". Not great, but O.K. Fished between 30 and 40 ft of water. Over 90% of the fish caught were suspended at about 15 ft. Only caught a few on the bottom. ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  4. Heading to Williams Fork this weekend. Anybody have an update on how the laker fishing has been?? Thanks!! ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  5. Can anyone tell me how much snow is on the ice at Granby?? I am heading up this weekend, and do not have a snowmobile. It can be brutal pulling my Trap Guide over alot of snow. Also, I have never been to Arapahoe Bay. Is the access to the lake real difficult? I know I sound like an old whinner, cause I am!! Thank You for any information. ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  6. Fished 11 mile on Saturday and Sunday. Caught 1 Kok and 2 Bows on Saturday out from the North Shore in 50 ft of water. Moved to Rocking Chair on Sunday and caught 7 small Bows. Was doing pretty good, then it died off. Saw a fish on the Vex, looked down the hole, 30+ inch pike hanging out. No wonder the bite stopped.
  7. I live in Colorado, and make it up to Minnesota every February. I always have to hit LOW and Upper Red!! ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  8. Lucky- I have never used just the Getz-Em, but I will rub some on the lure to add some scent. Good Luck, and post your results. ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  9. SLAYER - I was fishing out from Rocking Chair between the shore and the Island. I was in about 18 ft of water, using a pink Ratso with a meal worm. I like to fish out of Howbarts Point, but the ice was not looking real good. Hopefully this cold weather will firm things up a little. I am going to try and head down again on Saturday. Good Luck! ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  10. Fished 11 Mile on Saturday 12/6. Started out great. Caught one 21.5" and a 21" within the first hour and a half. Really nice fat fish!! Then only saw 4 other fish on the Vexilar. Fished till 4:00 p.m. It is a little slow right now. Larry @ the 11 Mile Marina feels the fish are deep right now, not used to the clear ice. The weather was a little too nice on Saturday, the ice is starting to get bad in a few spots. Had some open water appear @ Rocking Chair while I was out. Hopefully they get a good cold snap to firm the ice back up. Think Cold!! ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  11. LUCKY- I have not used the tempter lures, but I do have the getz-em. I use it as a scent blocker instead of a bait. After using the power auger, I will rub some on my hands to block the gasoline smell. Can't say if it helps, but it has to be better than a gas smell. Good Luck on the ice. ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  12. LUCKY - I used a pink jig tipped with some shrimp for the Kokanee. The area that is iced over, is not real large, so you kind of have to bump shoulders with a few other folks, but you should get your limit if you go. I'm heading to 11 mile this weekend, hope to come back with a good report. Good Luck!! ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  13. Hello All. Went out for the first time this year. Hit the Snake River inlet to Dillon and caught my limit of Kokanee in about an hour and a half, then went to a secret spot I have, and caught 8 real nice "Bows" that I released. Man it felt good to be on the ice again. Nothing like the hum of a Vexilar, and the bend of an ice rod!! Heading to ll mile next weekend. Anyone else going?? ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Lucky. See you on the ice. ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
  15. ICENUTT. Yes, I catch quite a few through the ice. Eleven Mile is a ggod lake for this. Actually, right now at the Snake River inlet to Dillon, there is about 5 inches of ice, and a buddy of mine that lives up there is catching kokanee like crazy. ------------------ The Big One NEVER Gets Away!!
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