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  1. 2 to 4 inches on third river flowage they put spear houses out yesterday
  2. merkman do you fish in the summer time like jig for Walleye cast for Northern, Musky or Bass or jiggle in the weeds for Bluegill or Crappie How many of the 10000 lakes in Minnesota have you fished on with a line and not a spear. Do you feel your a well rounded angler
  3. Need help finding a place for two guys and there dogs to stay in the Lidgerwood, Hankinson area or sarounding area for last week of Oct. Thanks for any help Bill Powell
  4. trying to get ahold of you but no one ansewrs the phone I need some details might take trailor and moter if you can call me 218-246-8710 Bill Powell
  5. Jason Look under where the batteries go the chip fits in there. I have used Lakemaster and Navionics chips in mine and really like the way they work. Bill Powell
  6. maybe this one won't take up the whole page ------------------ Fred's Bait FredsBait.com - Click Here. E-mail - [email protected] Phone - 218-246-8710
  7. i was just trying to post a picture of my daughters trophy fish. i hope it works
  8. I was just paging through Lindy's site and learned they have took over the rights for M&Gs kinda weird what you can find sufing the web. Now if I can get my hands on some I'll be a happy camper. ------------------ Fred's Bait FredsBait.com - Click Here. E-mail - [email protected] Phone - 218-246-8710
  9. I'm not sure how the spelling goes but I have people asking if I can find them M&G Bucktails and I'm having no luck can sombody point me in the right direction. Bill Powell ------------------ Fred's Bait FredsBait.com - Click Here. E-mail - [email protected] Phone - 218-246-8710
  10. Keep up the good work after I figured out how to make the picture bigger on my screen its like watching tv. Bill
  11. Golden Shiners do lighten up in colar if stored in white tanks but most times about this time of year a lot of whole salers run out of local Goldies and they have to be brought in from southern states for some reason they are more silver in colar and run on the bigger side. Goldies most times cost retailers 10 to 15 dollars more a gallon than river or lake shiners and since they are larger you get less in a gallon there for the higher price. ------------------ Fred's Bait FredsBait.com - Click Here. E-mail - [email protected] Phone - 218-246-8710
  12. I think one of these buggers saved my rod last night I was fishing eyes in fifteen feet of water and had a tip-up set up in twelve feet I fish out of a XLT Twin so they have good rod holders but I have one on the pole for this reason the flag went off so I straped it in and went to check on the tip-up when I got back when my rod was pointed at the hole with the drag screaming had a 24 inch eye on the other end and still got my favorite rod. ------------------ Fred's Bait FredsBait.com - Click Here. E-mail - [email protected] Phone - 218-246-8710
  13. If you can not find any openings send me an e-mail there are many small resorts within a half hour drive that have cabins but like more than two people per cabin. Bill Powell [email protected]
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