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  1. I am a ice fishing jukie i live to take me frist step on hard water the week of t day for 4 years strait and i mean a st paul lake. I have a seasoneal job so winters are open and i spend all my monye to get all the new cool toys and gas to stay warm but this year i am looking in to make money off of this or least it would be great to just break almost even. I would like know what are some thinds that should be looked at so i know what to be ready for. As of now i have 5 shacks and one fish trap for me 4 of them are 2 shacks some say 3 but i dont want to fish in there with 3 so i would put a paying customer in there on shack could hold a famliy So i got shelter i got rods but all the poles for the cus are good ones not chap well ok they are genz sticks they are good rods but not st criox or a tb sweet heart i have one eaxter fl8 for the clint plus i plan on severing a bq lunch as throw in. Would be pepole out there that are looking for this i am looing at doing lakes in the east metro bald egale white bare cishago area and wester wis what would you want out your payed tpir i was thinking that senice no one knows me that if started of with 50-75% refund if the group gets scunked just so they know that i am trying get them on fish not just make money All ideas and tips would help or any one that maybe want tow team up i would be open. 5 ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 06-26-2004).]
  2. I have a fire tiger on that i sprayed glow on it and the eyes just love it. The siler and black is a good on 2 I move them fast and up & down pretty fast. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  3. I have used them i cast on out and jig them on in no bober. They work great. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  4. 2 years ago i iced 50 crappies 1 1/2 hrs at red om a small shad jiging rap. Good lure ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  5. # 5308 here. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  6. I do not keep a lot of not even on red lake. I have had my buddys and dad say way do you put that back and not keep. Becuse it is funer to chatch then clean. I agree with the c/r bass season. i do not fish for bass much but really bass fisherman dont keep there fish any way. what a early c/r for pike a lot of outher states you can fish theme. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  7. Matt as i look at the way you got your rods rig my are 90% the same. i have a hard time with the fatboy as i watch the fish hit it they take the head so i get tured off quick by that and switch to a foreg fry. Fishing this year has been hard but have had one of my best years. One thing i have tried this year is the colored split shoots you got to love them i will start paniting my own now. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  8. My norm is 10" to 12" i keep any thing smaller goes back any thing bigger goes back. There should be a slot limt on panfish and some schooling for the pepole that are not from here and keep 100 quarter size cpappies from or city lakes. As far as closeing down the season i disagree nothing better then getting the in the spring. It's best to pratice c/r when there on the beds. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  9. It would be great to catch a big old bass but even better to get a 3+lb slab. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  10. I read in a in fisherman befor about crappies in mexico. Does any on know where to fish in mexico? i well be staying for 2 weeks at the inlaws and would like to get a line wet and to dirve is not a problem. Any info would be great. if i dont get none down there i will be going to red lake the day after i get back. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  11. I like to use a all gold with a red eye jig an eye made by J/B tiped with a minnow head, The North Land minnow works great i go with the smallest ones.The Gem n eye is a good dead stick set up. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  12. I have got all my crappies on Custom Jigs and spins slender spoons and walleye kit tiped with just a minnow head. i aslo have had real good luck with srimpo,ratso.glow demon and the nucleer ant. My 2 cents custom jigs and spins make the beat panfish tackel end of story. ------------------ EL CRAPPIE SLAYER
  13. I well be staying at the camper sat night. any thing going on bone crappie action
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