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  1. RIP Dan! I'll miss your stories! Del, your father's writings always made me feel like I was there with him! My condolences to your whole family. He will be missed, as he has been for a while, by everyone here. Please know that his writings will live on forever!
  2. Glad to see you back Bobby! I'll be praying for you!
  3. I like Spray Nine cleaner to clean the seats and then 303 Aerospace Protectant afterwards. I live in Missouri mold and mildew on boat seats is always a problem. Remember to closely follow the 303 directions for use though. If you do not polish the seats well after use the mold can be even worse. Do you have any way to put a fan in the boat while on the lift? That would also help.
  4. Jeremy thanks for the info! I decided to run with a new tank on the inside. Finished it up in about 2 hours.I put it up on top of the housing that holds the heater core (I think). Rerouted the vacuum line in through the firewall and sealed the hole with hi-temp sealer. Put in a check valve then the tank and from the tank up to the controls in the dash. Took it out for a test drive towing the boat afterward. Works perfectly! Ran up some big hills at about 55 and gave it some gas and no drop out of the A/C!
  5. I have a 1998 Ford E350 that has a vacuum leak that causes the A/C to go from the vents to the floor when under a heavy load ( when towing boat/trailer and going uphill for example). I have isolated the leak to either the A/C vacuum reservoir or the check valve for it. Both are a major pain to get to as it requires removing the dashboard and the evaporator core housing assembly. Could I bypass both those by rerouting the hoses and setting up a new reservoir and check valve in a more accessible location? Any ideas?
  6. Don't forget to laugh either! Laughter is great medicine!
  7. I have a 1998 Ford E350 with the 5.4L and front and rear air. I'm having an issue with the A/C. When I'm on the highway towing my boat (22 foot pontoon) and the engine comes under a load the air flow drops from the dash vents down to the floor. This does not happen when I'm not towing. Vacuum leak? Where do I start looking?
  8. Life Of Riley sounds like a good choice again after I hear what you're looking for. There's great Pike and Muskie fishing in the area. Del hit the nail on the head about the walleye. The slot fish outnumber the eaters but they sure are fun to catch. You can pick up eaters too, just a bit harder.
  9. I would recommend Life Of Riley Resort on Lake Vermilion. Great folks running the place. Multi species action and really quiet. Google them or give them a call at 218-666-5453
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