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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. Update: after looking at some used machines I have decided to spend a little more and get a new one. Going with a 2016 Rancher. Thanks again for all the replies.
  2. I'm looking to buy a used Honda ATV. Here's my question. I'm wondering which unit you guys think would be a better purchase. 2006 Foreman 500 ES in Excellent shape with 800 miles OR 2012 Foreman 500ES Excellent condition with 1900 miles. This is to be used on our farm doing daily chores driven by myself and my wife. This will not be used for trail riding (other than around the farm) or any kind of mudding. The 2006 costs $4400.00 and the 2012 is $5000.00. This will be my 1st ATV purchase so I am trying to make the best decision I can.. I appreciate ANY input
  3. Mathews Creed XS for me. Having a short draw length the XS felt good. I also test shot Hoyt and Bowtech..
  4. I also use Lebonvilles and I love them. I wear them whenever I fire up the saw..
  5. Figure I would jump in on this one too. I installed a Hardy h5 two years ago. Ours is tied into our existing system with oil fired boiler in the basement as the back up (1920's farm house). I keep the house at 72 degrees all winter and it's really nice to not have to call the oil guy for a fill up. That being said, it is also a lot of work. Like others have stated you need to enjoy cutting wood. For me it's become a hobby and it keeps me in shape. I load it twice a day and I really enjoy going ouside when it's -20 and opening the fire box door and feeling the warmth and watching the fire f
  6. I bought a couple of their "fire hose" work pants and really like them. I live on a farm so they get put thru a lot of different activities and they held up all year. Well built and worth the price for sure.
  7. I have a Standard F1B Goldendoodle who is almost 1 year. I would certainly recommend a Goldendoodle. She is very intelligent, does not shed, good temperment and is awesome with my 3 little boys. I don't hunt so I'm not sure how they are in the field but as far as a companion she is great. We bought her from a breeder in Montivideo. Good luck with whatever you decide on.
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