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  1. Bought tickets yesterday. Will be my first Vikings game in decades. We chose seats on the NW side of the stadium, hoping that it will block most of the wind. I may need to wash the blood off of my deer hunting bibs...
  2. I bought one a couple of weeks ago, along with the Lakemaster chip. Tried it out for a bit on the dining room table. Considering my other unit is a 1995 Humminbird 100, it is pretty cool. By the way, I got the GPS/Sonar version without side or down imaging. As soon as I get the boat out of storage, I will need to figure out how to get it mounted, I pretty sure that there is a RAM mount in my future purchases. Does anyone know if I will be able to run both transducers at the same time without interference? I was thinking that I would leave the old 100 in place since the new unit will not be visible to all locations in the boat at the same time.
  3. My 2006 Arctic Cat 400 sometimes is stubborn on shifting. I have found that it is much easier to shift after it has warmed up. Another thing is to make sure that the idle speed is not too high. Mine has a idle speed adjustment knob on a short cable on the carb, I sometimes speed it up to help it warm up, then forget to slow it back down. After I slow it down it shifts easily.
  4. They said that they checked the E-brake. They kept the car overnight to look into other possibilities. If they call back and say they found nothing I'll ask about the hoses. Thanks.
  5. 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, approx. 88K miles. Last fall the local shop did a brake job (pads only I think) and told me that drivers rear wheel caliber was sticking a bit. They said that they cleaned and lubed it up and it was working again. This spring, get out of the car after driving a few miles and smell something very hot. It is the wheel I was warned about, took it in, they replaced both rear calipers, and the rotors and pads since the one side was completely shot. Sunday my daughter comes home from a 7 mile trip and the same wheel is so hot you can smell it again. Other 3 wheels are fine. Dropped it off at the same shop yesterday even though the problem wasn't occurring anymore. They say that everything is operating fine, although they can see the see that the rotor has discolored from the heat. They don't want to change out any parts until they know what is wrong, which is understandable. I don't want to drive, or have others drive, the car until I know that the brakes work and it won't start on fire going down the road. Is this a case of a bad remanufactured part? Or possibly an ABS or VSA system going bonkers and telling the one wheel to brake? I have never noticed any warning lights coming on for those systems.
  6. 1995 Four Winns 3.0 I/O, it appears that the neutral interlock switch on the throttle/shift control is bad. Actually, I knew it was getting bad for a couple of years, but now I really need to wiggle and bump the thing to get the starter to crank. It seems that you cannot just buy the switch, but have to replace the entire control box. Online I have found a Teleflex CH1700 for about $290, and a UFlex Single Lever Side-Mount Control for about $230. I have heard of Teleflex before but not UFlex. Does anyone know if they are a reliable brand? Gander/Overtons sells the Uflex, and I've purchased from them online before and have had good results.
  7. Make sure that you calculate the final price on things. I looked at a St.Croix rod at that store, their price was $120 minus 20%, less than a mile away, another sporting goods store had the same rod at $100. I also looked at a wild game recipe book that was 30% off, but you could see part of a $19.99 price sticker that was underneath the $24.99 price sticker.
  8. Also, front wheel drive will give you problems on some boat ramps, been there, done that. I towed a 2500 lb boat/motor/trailer for a few years with a 93 Plymouth minivan with a towing package. Worked great except when on a steep ramp, the front wheels would spin. A little sand on top of blacktop was the worst.
  9. There is a low profile flourescent there now, I put it in when we bought the place to brighten it up. Hopefully we can find something a bit more stylish, if not, No Big Deal. Tom - when you said Huge Buck countertops, I got excited. Then I realized that you were talking about the cost of them
  10. Thanks for the input. Now I'm leaning towards some sort of low profile surface mount light in the center of the room. There is one already above the sink, and I will add another overhead track or pendant style light over the new work "island" that will not have overhead cabinets above it. Those, along with the light on the range hood should be enough I think.
  11. Starting to remodel the 50+ year old kitchen at the cabin, and trying to figure out the best option for lighting. The ceiling is only 7' high, so I was initially thinking of installing recessed lighting. That is, until I pulled off a couple of pieces of the 1/4" OSB that was being used as ceiling tile (will be replaced with something else). I found that the "joists" above the kitchen, holding up the loft above, are 4x4's, not 2x6's. So, I will only have about 3 1/2" to 4" of clearance to work with. I did find a very shallow (about 1" thick) LED recessed light on the internet that looked promising, but they are 50 bucks apiece, and I don't know much about them. The info says that they put out about 450 lumens each. The kitchen is 10' by 10', so I'm guessing maybe 4 of these? For $200 I really need to like these things, and would like to see them in person. Anybody out there have any ideas? FWIW, I'm also thinking of adding under cabinet lights, but that's not definite yet.
  12. I would recommend the Klik-Klak (or Clic-Clac?) style vs. the traditional sofa bed. Much more comfortable for sleeping on. The back and armrests (if it has them) have a rachet mechanism that allows you to lay the back and armrests down into a flat configuration.
  13. Thanks for the info. I'll check into the fuel max tires, when you say tiger paw are you talking about Uniroyals? At $500 (Pirelli) to $600 (Michelin)I don't want to buy something that is not going to be an improvement over what I have.
  14. I purchased a brand new 1998 GMC Suburban that came with Goodyear Wrangler RT/S tires on it. I still have the Suburban with 210K miles, but I had a very poor opinion of those tires. Because of that, 13 years later I'm still not thrilled about the thought of buying Goodyears. However, if you or someone you know have first or second hand knowledge that they are a good match for what I'm looking for, I guess I could bury the hatchet.
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