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  1. ole

    AP says: 2,500 yds

    I think he has a great shot at it if he stays healthy. It's a pass happy league full of pass rushers not run stoppers. ole
  2. ole

    WIld vs. Hawks

    I just wish they would shoot the dang puck when on the power play. Seems no one wants to take the shot. And would somebody please throw a big hit on any Hawks player ole
  3. ole

    State High School Tournament

    After getting my first chance to see the penalty, I have to agree. Tight game in OT for the championship, What a joke. If you have to call a penalty, it should be a darn clear one!
  4. ole

    Parts for old Strikemaster Magnum iii

    You can always check with Strikemaster directly. They might be able to help. They are in Big Lake. ole
  5. ole

    Why on Earth Did I Keep This?

    They all taste the same! Just a bit tougher to clean. So watch them fingers ole
  6. How's fishing right now? Been thinking of heading up but fear I missed the warm weather bite already Any reports? ole
  7. Anyone got any info on current Balsam lake ice conditions?? Or any lakles in that area. Thanks, ole
  8. ole

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    First time out for me.
  9. ole

    Peterson fumbles.. AGAIN

    If the Yikes decided to play ball in the first half we wouldn't be sitting here pointing fingers at anyone. How this team can show up and play like a bad high school team in the first half is beyond me. ole
  10. Prayers sent, hope you beat this nasty thing! ole
  11. You got that right, doesn't get much better than that. ole
  12. ole


    There's some good eatin. ole
  13. ole

    HS Tourney Time!

    True Quackaddict9. Anything can happen. You need great goaltending at this point plus you need to be hot. Right now Edina is hot. I'm pulling for Blaine since they took Centennial out. I'll be at the Thursday afternoon game Hill vs Eden Prairie, should be a good game, followed by Blaine vs Rochester. Go Bengals ole
  14. ole

    2008-2009 Gophers

    Just another sad day in Mn sports. I think I'll go fishing! ole