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  1. Hi, beer batter. Power up is a product that we used to be able to get here in Canada. They have oil additives, grease and penatrating oil. I'm talking about the penatrant. We can't buy it here anymore, I hear the oil companies got rid of it here because it was too good! I'm sure you guy's can still get it in the US as I have seen your infomercial's on it. P.S if you find out where to get it let me know, it is great stuff and I wish we could still get it. Thank's bim the canuck
  2. Try "power-up" just a drop in the bobber should do the trick.
  3. if your looking for advice from the north, here it is. Rig up a tip-up with a Herring, use about a 8 incher and get ready for a fight bim the canuck
  4. I may be from canada, but I figure it can't be that different. For walleye I use sucker minnows or parker minnows. For the pike, herring are the ticket and for any of the pan fish try the marmish #2 Barley fang, larva or the #1 comma.
  5. obviously, the test will very with the spieces of fish your after. My 2 favorite brands of line are the "Rapala FINESSE" line and the new "Black Widow" both are small diamiter and really sensitive.
  6. Well, the bad news is that yesterday was the last day of hunting season. The good new's is that now I have time to tune-up the gear and hit the ice ! I've been reading alot of your fish'in stories, which has me chomping at the bit. Hope you all have a fun, safe season. Good fish'in. Bim the canuk.
  7. ok say_der, I did some checking, and apperantly there is a place in Millwakee that carries the "marmish" line. It's a place called sport specialist of millwakee inc. Thats all I could find for now. good luck!
  8. Hi say_der, I do believe that they are availble in the U.S. I will make some calls and find out for sure. If I find anything I will let you know.
  9. Hi Say_der, I believe they are available in the U.S. now. I will make a few calls, to see if I can find out for sure. I will be back later. [Note from Rick: Speaking of high quality, super sharp small jigs...CLICK HERE to check out the TackleCity.com line of jigs...SWEEEEET!!! [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 11-26-2003).]
  10. bim

    homemade jigs

    sorry, no pic's but I've been making jig's for years and all I can say is POLAR BEAR HAIR !!!!
  11. My personal favorites are the Marmish line of lures. Couple these with the marmish rod and strike indicator, and you have finnesse fishing at it's finest. I would say it's a must try ! I also really like the big eye jig and minnow combo for walleye, but if your after all spieces, go for the above.
  12. When I was growing up I was taught that to catch the big fish, you needed big bait. I fished successfully for years using this technique. When my father died, god bless his soul,I was left to learn on my own. I started checking stomach contents when I was cleaning fish and found that they were more often than not full of small insects and larva. With this in mind, I started fishing smaller lures with great success. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy fishing the big baits when the fish are really active, however I've found that when the fish are less active, a little finesse is required, thus the smaller lures. A friend of mine was recently fishing on lake Wabamun, and caught a 12lb Northern Pike using 6lb "black widow" line and a #3 larva "marmish" lure. I have found that these small insect, pupa and larva type lures can be extremely effective on the finicky fish. Good fishing and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. PS I was going to include a photo of the 12 pounder, but I can't figure out how to post it. Bim the canuck
  13. what are you trying to run? have you considered batteries and a solar panel?
  14. bim

    icefishing rod's

    Thank's for the info guy's. I have looked at some of the stuff you've mentioned, and will be trying some of them. I think I will be sticking with my favorite for the most part. Up here we have been using the "Marmish" rod and lure's. I have found this to be a very hot fishing combination. I don't know if you guys have heard of this as it's a fairly new Canadian product and may not be available everywhere down there. I know that you can get in Wisconsin as a friend of mine was at Lake Delawan last summer and told me he saw it in one of the tackle shops. by the way, he said he caught a ton of crappies, bluegill, walleye and perch. I carry about 10 of these in my tackle box and I've got a couple more on my Christmas list. Still interested in hearing about other hand rods and lures that I can add to my gear. Always looking for new gear, Bim [This message has been edited by Paul Waldowski (edited 11-20-2003).]
  15. bim

    Rapala Ice Rods

    anyone have a picture, or a web site for these? I'm interested in seeing one!
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