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  1. Has anyone every caught flats in the Hastings stretch of the Vermilion River. We usually just do nightcrawlers or small cut bait and get into some great sheepshead, carp, bowfin, and channel cats fishing. Now I'm wondering if I should tote along some live bullheads when we head that way. My instinct would be to not even bother with looking for flats in that area because it's just too shallow with no deep parts for flats to return to. I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  2. This is why I wouldn't do it myself ("accidentally" catch bass) but when I see others swinging around their Senko's and Sweet Beaver's (LOL) I just look the other way. Wisconsin people are catching bass as we speak while we have to wait until Memorial Weekend. It's not a good feeling. WHy? Why do we have to wait? Where are the empirical data to suggest that a later bass opener equates to better fisheries? Because all my best bassing days have been in Eau Claire and Chippewa County where they fish for bedding bass ....... OOOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOO the bass are still there and stronger than MN!
  3. I was just very bummed out about the bullheads dying on me...as well as not catching many in the first place xD. When I bank fish, it's me, my rod, a pack of smokes, and beer - I can wait all night for a big bite. I am more prepped now for bullheads. Went out and bought a 30-gallon bin to stock with bullheads. I suspect that the buckets I was using earlier may have bad soap residue. I still went out last night with crawlers. Caught my first flathead on bunched up crawlers - small, maybe 7-8lbs. But it was fun and imagined hsolist'ing my bass setup xD. Now I'm even more excited to go get some
  4. I didn't harvest many - just 5. A few are doing torpedo spins, one is on its side, and the rest are at the bottom just frozen still. I spent two hours tonight from 8-10pm getting these guys as it was a ssssssssssssslllllllllllooooowwwwwwww bite too. What a waste of time. What's worse....my morning fishing is done for. I hate to say it but serious catfishing really blows when you don't have a veteran to help you along the way. I've spent over $200 bucks and two weeks worth of buying up new reel, rod, and tackle all on my own with previous zero knowledge of serious catfishing. Well, back to b
  5. 1. If I want to use smaller bullheads, bullheads under 7" must be cage-trapped because angling by hook makes it against regulation to use as bait. 2. Bullheads 7" and above can be harvested by hook and still be kept to be used as bait. I assume trapping them will be okay as well but this would be impossible as Minnesota only allows a trap to have a hole no exceeding 1-inch. 3. The goal is to ultimately use these bullheads on the Croix or Sippi. However, in order to bring these bullheads home (alive) and use them on St. Croix or Mississippi (or any other body of water south of Highway 110), t
  6. Still works as usual. I just have to drill holes fast and shut it down and take off propane bottle. Leaking from this part of the hose: It's not the engine or bad fuel line. I had that warranty replaced already. I have the first-year model Pro 4's and they are equipped with some short, stiff propane hose. Not even kidding, you can barely bend it and I think because of continually bending the hose to secure clamping the propane bottle down on the handle, has caused stress breaks in the hose. There are no cuts or knicks on the hose. The propane is simply leaking from the part where the
  7. Don't get the brainwash bug! A bass jig is essentially just a roundhead jig. You know, like Northland Gumball jigs, the stuff we all used when we started fishing and caught loads of fish of many species with! Then along came this idea that you had to be big and bad to use bass jigs just because the hook was upped in size and strength and that it had a skirt. (hint: by now, you should've came to an epiphany of how to fish the bass jig...insert epic music)
  8. Combination locks don't help much either. They just put them whiskers up against the locks and can sense when the notches on the lock wheels line up. The only way to keep them in is a combination of fingerprint/retinal scan and voice recognition.
  9. Sweet! Thanks! Will be putting together a map this week with those points.
  10. [sorry, hijack] What about for shore guys? I've never tried tonka and I've heard great things about it. Unfortunately, unless someone can actually point on a map and say "here, here, here, is where u have shore access", I ain't about to drive 45 minutes to get lost on lake shore roads circling the bays for 2 hours. Especially when I could be playing Diablo 3
  11. Thanks for browsing back a few pages to reply. The same evening I received the replacement tube and two elbow fittings, I could not get the elbow fitting on the regulator to move! I wrenched it, hammered it, it was all scarred up and didn't budge 1 millimeter. Yes, I believe I was following the threads correctly, as the other elbow on top of the engine block is right-handed and could be loosened with just fingers. I brought it to an authorized repair center, free of charge. It just sucks having to wait when I know I could do the work within a few hours if even. In my opinion, I think the old
  12. Replacement fuel line on its way, ETA is Wednesday. How easy/hard is the process as well as the time required? Because I'd like to use it this weekend. I imagine it as a quick swap much like changing out a tire? I have the tools to take apart the fuel line, propane tube, and the regulator off the engine block. I just don't want to cause more headache than already is. The Jiffy rep on the phone was very casual and says that anyone can do it at home but I still had him locate me some service centers. Forest Lake (Boese's) is the nearest. That's not really near for me and I'd rather do it mys
  13. I have never had any problems layering with my black original. The thing about these Frabill suits is that it's not bulky at all, hence the $300-400 price tag. Instead of just packing it with lots of insulation, they went with just enough insulation and then put on a tough windproof/waterproof shell. With thin polyester level 1 thermals and a hoodie as layer, I feel I can still play football without any hinderance. It hugs your body like an extension of your skin instead of feeling like a chunk of layer like a cheaper suit would feel. If your first layer is those serious wool thermals (most s
  14. Dud. Bring it in. You paid good money for it and it should work right out of the box. Grrrr...and yet, Shimano wants to take the production to Malaysia! Did you buy it at Cabela's or Gander? They are usually really good with over 30 days exchange.
  15. For crappies... Upsize your lures slightly. Bigger target + bigger meal + lowlight = easy food for fish. Don't always resort to glow lures. There are times when fish prefer natural looking silhouette. Don't underestimate crappie's night vision. These guys have evolved alongside walleyes under the same conditions. Don't always resort to live bait just because it's after dark. Chubby darters have been great for me this year, day or night.
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