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  1. Does anyone know if there is enough ice on the refuge for some fishin? Would like to go this weekend.
  2. Is the most lines you can have per a person on the ice in Minnesota (2)? This include tip ups?
  3. FOR SALE: 1978 18'6 grady white fiberglass boat for sale. It has a 1989 130 horse oil injected Yamaha motor. Has a 1997 shorelander roller trailer with new tires. Comes with a 50# minnkota auto pilot trolling motor, Eagle fish finder, 2 brand new trolling motor batteries, on board battery charger, livewell, sun canopy. Boat runs excellent and is in real nice shape for the year. Located in Waterown, South Dakota. Price is $4000 Phone number is 886-0451 or 520-1696 or email at [email protected] pictures available.
  4. Wondering if anybody has been to Lynn or Enemy Swim lake recently. Wanting to go up there this weekend just wondering if there has been any action. Thanks
  5. I know where you are talking about. I ice fished that area and want to take the boat over there but have been worried about getting over there. Did you any problems with the submerged islands or sunken trees.
  6. What part of the lake did you have success catching the eyes. Thinking about going up there afterwork.
  7. If I was to buy some of the Scenic Tackle which size would a person want to get first. 1/16 or 1/8 oz???
  8. Can anyone tell me if there is a boat ramp on Horseshoe Lake by Lily? Anybody been fishing this lake?
  9. Took the (2) kids to waubay on saturday also. Got there at 2:00 pm and left at 6:00 pm and we caught a total of 67 walleyes between the 3 of us. I should say between the kids because I never got to fish, was to busy taking there fish off and baiting there hooks. We where straight out from the new houses going up on the north end of the lake. Plain red hook and a minnow. We had (2) males that where 18 inches or otherwise all other fish where between 13-15 inches. Kids had a blast!!!!
  10. We where out there yesterday. There where other people out there also. I had heard the tribe wasn't going to be giving out anymore tribal license.
  11. Was wondering if anyone has stayed at this campground. I was looking at staying at campground #3 over memorial weekend. Would you be able to fish at this campground from shore at all and catch anything or would a person be better to stay at campground #1 or #2 to have better fishing? Any would like any input as I have never been to the river fishing.
  12. Was wondering if anybody has been fishing this lake. I know you need a tribal license to fish it.
  13. What are some common glow in the dark jigs for crappies?
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