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  1. I wanted to take a little survey and see what type and brand of line people use for various techniques. I posted some other techniques under the bass section if anyone is interested. Anyway, what do you prefer for 1. Jigging 2. Rigging 3. Bottom bouncing 4. Trolling cranks
  2. RK brings up another question. I have used braid last season for jigging and rigging walleye. Anyone else?
  3. Thanks for all the great input. Would you guys suggest power pro for the first spinning setup as well as the second? Thanks!
  4. I plan to try a few this year. I think they have good potential for bottom bouncing as well as what Stick in Mud mentioned.
  5. I am looking at spooling up my reels in prep for the open water season and thought I would throw this question out there. What line do you guys recommend for the setups below (mono, fleuro, braid, or co-poly)? I haven't tried any co-poly yet but it sounds like YoZuri gets good reviews. If you have a certain brand that you especially like, that would be great as well. I have historically had some difficulty with fleuro for manageability with casting but haven't tried very many different brands. Anyway, here are my current combos. 1. 6ft MF spinning rod. Mainly used for light plast
  6. I use snaps as well. Super convenient for changing quickly and I haven't noticed any loss of action
  7. I am planning an ice fishing trip to Devils Lake this winter. Never been there. We always went to LOW but would like to try something different this year. Walleye will be the priority but you cant argue with some good perch. Any advice on a resort with day houses? Also, what is the best time of year? Thanks everyone!
  8. How does everyone attach their snells to their main line? Some come with a pre tied loop that can be attached to a swivel clip but some don't have a loop. Do you guys tie your own loops or use something else? Can you tie a barrel swivel to the end of the snell then attach that to the main line with a snap swivel? Thanks!
  9. jramsber


    I have multiple anthills in my yard. What have people found to be most effective for getting rid of them? Both spot treatment and large area treatment advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. jramsber


    Any recommendations on where to get the cheapest colored mulch? I live in the St Cloud area. Thanks!
  11. I am looking at getting my first flasher. Any input on brands, difference in features with various models, etc would be great. As far as price I am looking closer to the low end vs high. Any input on used vs new and places to look would also be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  12. Thanks everyone. We ended up booking at Judge CR Magney mainly because the others were booked. Might try a hike in at one of the other parks also. Thanks again for all the input!
  13. Hi everyone. I am looking for a semi private drive-to campground or possibly a short hike-to site along the north shore. The family and I are planning a trip and want to find somewhere where the sites are nice and spread apart where we aren't right next other groups. We are also planning some day hikes so any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!
  14. Any suggestions on colors, trailers for jigs, etc?
  15. We are staying at oak point. Planning to fish walleyes in the morning and evening/night in sucker bay. Thanks for the help.
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