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  1. Anyone (namely katoguy or luckycrank) have results from the Bassin' for Animals tourney on Washington yesterday?
  2. Z-Nail

    Trailer hooks

    I have used a paper punch, and punched pieces from a plastic ice cream container lid. I slip on the trailer hook, and then CAREFULLY slip on the little plastic disc over the main hook. I have not lost a trailer hook yet.
  3. Thanks Lucky. The Meyers have done quite well the last couple years.
  4. Anyone have results from yesterdays' Jig-A-Bass (German/Jefferson), or todays' Southern MN Bass Tour (Lura)?
  5. I hear ya lucky. Where are ya headed tomorrow?
  6. Z-Nail

    deep water wacky worm

    Deitz- Have you experienced any negative impacts of crimping a sinker on your line (kinks, nicks, etc.)?
  7. Z-Nail


    Thanks for the reply. We fished yesterday morning and had some fish, but nothing too big. We probably lost four or five fish as well.
  8. Z-Nail


    Anyone been to O'Dowds recently? Not looking for specific info, just how fishing has been.
  9. Anyone know the results from the Extream Bass tourney on Minnetonka last Friday?
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