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  1. frozen water means good bye birds. duck hunting is poor to fair at best it seems anymore. westward is definately the direction of travel for ducks and white geese
  2. I just got back from a trip and there is still A LOT of corn standing! it is being combined as quickly as possible however. Where I hunted mostly private land the corn didnt seem to really matter all that much. 26 birds for 2 guys. easily could of had our 30 by about the 3rd day of hunting if the aiming would have been a little better. overall quite successful i would say. going back again the day after christmas hope there is less corn and maybe some warmer temps and a little fresh snow! most birds I have seen in many years and lots of good cover with all the rain!
  3. CatchPhotoFilet

    2003 Kodiak won't turn over.

    sounds like a bad starter drive to me... had the same prob with a 02 polaris sportsman.... the bendix drive needed to be replaced
  4. CatchPhotoFilet

    Do i turn them in?

    wow good friend....turn your own buddies in....id never even think of it. everyone seems to want to be law enforcement i say more people need to mind their own business. if they do illegal things enough they will get whats coming without someone having to rat on them.
  5. CatchPhotoFilet

    Dog House

    use silicone try to seal up wet areas buy a hound heater...i personally know the guy who owns the company. good guy great product!
  6. CatchPhotoFilet

    2002 Polaris sportsman 700

    A buddy of my owns this machine and he has already replaced the starter once and it is now showing the same symptoms. The battery can be full charged but the atv will not turn over to start. Maybe it starts on the first and second turn of the key back to back but it slowly gets worse. After a few times of turning the key trying to get it to turn over the cable gets hot to the touch. Sometimes it will start but mostly it will not. Anyone know anything about issues maybe with the starters? or what may be causing the starter to fail. If he has already went through 2 starters including the original part I am thinking something else is causing the starter to go bad. The machine is not abused in any way it only has 300 miles on it and is highly maintained. Something that might help- Before it quit starting the atv would always make a high winding noise when the key was turned to start it. When this noise was being made the machine would run fine but just didnt sound quite right when idling.(maybe the timing was off)
  7. CatchPhotoFilet

    Why are the Gophers so frustraiting to watch?

    what recruit wants to come play for the UofM... not many and not many good ones. Lack of being able to recruit bluecihp players is a big part when top Hs kids can go to Fla or texas or another big school. The U of M is not on manys top lists. Look at floyd an excellent mn prospect and his home state cant even keep him here.
  8. CatchPhotoFilet

    Snowmobile for ice fishing

    I have a polaris 500 widetrack Lx with a low and high gear for pulling. Its a great sled and would highly recomend it to anyone looking for a sled with some pulling power
  9. CatchPhotoFilet

    Fawns still with doe's?

    I seen the same thing. only 1 buck though 8ptr. I hunt around virginia area and its the worst I have seen it in a long time. The deer I did shoot was opening day and it didnt really even seem in rut?
  10. CatchPhotoFilet

    Baiting - needs to stop

    Baiting allows for a quick death to the animal via a close and accurate shot not shooting at an animal 300+yds away. Oh sorry not everyone is as good of a sniper shot as your are and lots of animals are wounded every season and never found! or wounded and found later to have bleed to death. so that is large difference. Someone who hunts over bait has no reason to even think about taking a long distance shot. Just cause there is a pile of whatever out there doesnt mean every deer in the country is going to go for it either! I think your comparing this to kids and candy and its nothing of the same. Baiting would increase the excitement level for youngsters actually getting to see deer instead of sitting for days on end without even seeing a deer move. More kids get hooked more money brought into the state via licenses Baiting allows people without ability to plant a food plot the same advantages of attracting a deer as someone who has a food plot Baiting allows for effective means of management on properties Im sure someone will come up with more negatives but to each their own. CWD unethical you will say but you prob. bait bears.... violation of fair chase-but is it fair to use scents then? so on and so forth this is a never ending topic. all i know is tolerance is the only way to make things work IMO
  11. CatchPhotoFilet

    Baiting - needs to stop

    so all you worried about disease when baiting what if i was to put out a dozen individual piles of corn say 20 yds apart? say a bushel at each spot. that would give a fair choice for the deer to pick and should result in minimal "close quarters" while feeding. problem solved.
  12. CatchPhotoFilet

    Old Lab-Bladder problems

    With the current age of the dog she may appear in fine condition from the outside but its what going on in the inside you cant see. There are many possible reasons and im sure you can guess without me mentioning them. I would bring your dog to the vet and see what the reason might be. If there is something terminally ill with your dog maybe they might be able to giv some type of meds to help prolong its life by making it a little more comfortable. I would say a lab at 14yrs old youve been pretty lucky up til this point. Ive had several labs and I think the most I have gotten is around 10 without a some form of cancer.
  13. CatchPhotoFilet

    Baiting - needs to stop

    Sounds to me if you hunt over a food plot you think its not a type of baiting or even comparable to the act of baiting. Something like a smoker who doesnt think smoking should be banned from indoor places. Not matter how you look at it baiting or food plot scents or what have you its all used for the same purpose of harvesting a deer. Doesnt much matter how far away the deer comes out of the woods from where your sitting at with a rifle that can shoot 400yds with a shooter who knows what hes doing!If your bow hunting lets see move your stand to the other side maybe?with cameras used to scout a hunter pretty much knows what deer are around an area and its tendencies before the season starts. Shinning a deer and poaching a deer are far more obstructive acts than shooting a deer while its coming to eat. Not matter how you might think you are by hunting over a food plot and not over BAIT i think you might have to think hard of the purpose of any type of bait or food plot. Taking a rifle is outrageous I consider it almost like theft since the only real reason a rifle is taken is to resell and make money off it. its not to stop a hunter from hunting again its sole purpose is to be sold for money for the state. fines are more than enough to get the point across
  14. CatchPhotoFilet

    canvas craft insulated otter cover??

    I have 2 canvis craft "insulated"portables and had them put a cover on one of my suit case type style houses. Definately a quality cover if it does fit. If not sell the otter and get a CC for christmas
  15. CatchPhotoFilet

    How-to Process Your Own Venison

    much more efficient than I that is for sure! although I just through all my meat into sausage anyhow... but the back straps i think are the best part by far. Those I make sure I take out correctly the rest of it looks like oj got to it.