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  1. I might have one, do you have a picture of what it looks like? I have a bottom line complete unit
  2. I'm looking at purchasing shingles to reshingle my roof next year. Right now the Big M has CastleBrook's by Atlas. - 35 year warranty - 110 mile warranty - 225 pounds per square These are on sale for $19.99 a bundle or 59.997 a square. Anyone have any experience with these, good or bad? Thanks
  3. so I awoke saturday morning to find a little black/white mutt thing in my kennel with my lab. ther was one small hole where my black lab had been digging that he must of gotten in. My lab must of come in heat on friday. The mutt was a little short thing, so I don't know if he could of breed my female, but just to make sure........is there a Plan B shot or pill I can give my female just to make darn sure nothing happens. I planned on getting her breed in december, but to a LAB, not some ugly mutt thing. Thanks
  4. My sewer vent always has iceicals on it, sometimes I think it is pretty much frozen solid. It is on the south side of my house so on mice days(like today) it thaws out, but on cold days/nights I'm sure it is frozen solid. Anything I can do to prevent it from freezing?? Thanks for your opinions/ideas! Bucks-n-ducks
  5. My dirt basement floor gets wet/moist pretty much all spring and into most of the summer. Would digging a trench on the inside around the foundation and installing drain tile and running that to a sump pump help the situation? I dont have the best drainage around my house, but can't really help that issue. I just thought that it would be easy to dig a 6" trench and install 4" draintile around the perimiter of the basement. Is this the correct project or should I be looking at doing something else? Thanks in advance!
  6. KNOC or anyone else for that matter.......If you are looking at getting started, I have a melting pot/2 molds/a bucket of wheel weights/and some misc lead pieces taht would get you started! Also have hooks that go with my jig molds. Email me at [email protected] for more information. Thanks!
  7. FrazeeHunter~ Send me an email at [email protected] I think I have some info you would like..... Thanks, Bucks-N-Ducks
  8. Note from Admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.
  9. Guys during late ice I rolled my otter lodge and bent the bottom support pole. It is the old style round poles that I need. I called otter and they said they no longer carry the round poles and none of the other poles will work on my canvas. I hate to have to buy a new house because my canvas is still in great shape. If anyone has upgraded canvas and still has the poles laying around, PLEASE email me. Thanks for your help!! Pjzimpel(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. Thanks again, Bucks-n-ducks
  10. Val~ It is 2:21 in the afternoon, I don't know when you sent the pics, but I haven't gotten them yet. Could you please retry. Thanks Bucks-n-ducks
  11. Anyone have any Private or know of any good state land down in SE MN? Me and a buddy bow and rifle hunt up here in NW Minnesota, but are looking at taking a "trip" for one weekend of the muzzleloader season. I see lots of photos each year from SE MN of good bucks, and we would like to try to get one of them. We would basically be after shooter bucks and does, we don't shoot little bucks. So if anyone knows of any land, or a general direction, that would be great. We aren't looking for anyones hot spots, but if someone has some private land down in that area, we would be willing to pay a small fee for access for a weekend. It would be for 2 1/2 days and only 2 hunters. Thanks, Bucks-n-Ducks
  12. Hey guys and gals.........Where if anywhere on the internet has the best prices on a bilge pump....mine burnt out and I need a replacement...Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Bucks-n-Ducks
  13. I have the inflatable made by Mustang Survial, although expensive, I've been able to use it 4 times, and man I love it. I usually only wear my life vest when running the big motor, but numerous times latly I've wore it much more, just becuase I kinda foget it is even on! I say go for it and buy them, you will never regret it. Oh yea, I have the self-inflating kind Bucks-n-ducks
  14. Travis~ I might be able to fish it with you, how much have you been up to LOW this year, and how have things been going....... bucks-n-ducks
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