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  1. MIke A

    Best Bloody Mary

    Stay home and make them the traditional way. Worcestershire sauce, tobassco, celery salt, lemon pepper, Grey Goose vodka and for a little more tang, I sometimes use V8 spicy hot instead of regular tomatoe juice. Then I garnish it traditionally with celery, a large pickle spear and large green olives.
  2. MIke A

    Local stores w/ice fishing equipment out

    I was told that Fleet in Fergus would have it out by now, but nothing out yet. Haven't seen anything in the Fergus Falls/Perham areas but I haven't hit Detraoit Lakes or Fargo yet.
  3. I'll second that on the wild rice sausage but still say the best breakfast you'll ever eat will be at the Viking Cafe in downtown Fergus Falls.
  4. An ex-girlfriend of mine drove a brand new 07 Liberty and I loved that thing (more than her obviously ). But I agree with FishonTom, the gas millage is horrible. Don't remember what she was getting exactly, but I know she was filling it up quite frequently. But the ride was good. It did good on some rough terrain (Hers was 4x4) and with all the driving she did, never had any significant repairs.
  5. MIke A


    I swear, sometimes the [PoorWordUsage] matches on here are more entertaining the games themselves! Fighting on the internet, kinda like watching two armless guys in a fist fight! "I'll bite your legs off!"
  6. MIke A

    Underwater Camera?

    I'm not worried about battery as I'm setting up my fishhouse so I can plug any camera I get into the electrical system. I appreciate all the feedback and welcome any more comments and reviews as well. Looking at the Marcum vs380 though. Not a lot of money and heard a lot of good things about it, particularly is comparison in the evening and in early mornings.
  7. How much? I could maybe come pick them up, would need 4 or 5 for the roof of my ice house. you can e-mail me at [email protected]
  8. MIke A

    Underwater Camera?

    I'm curious what people are using for underwater cameras on the ice? I've been looking at the Fish TV camera but haven't seen many reviews on it.
  9. Or the neighbors sacrificial cat
  10. The Viking Cafe in downtown Fergus Falls. Best breakfast you'll ever have and some darn good homecooked lunches and dinners as well.
  11. MIke A

    $ Redtails $

    $8.50 a dozen on Ottertail Lake. I was on Mille Lacs and saw them for $9.50. I've had some bites on them, but the bite hasn't picked up yet, sitll been using cranks, leeches when I can find them or plastic leeches.
  12. MIke A

    Holiday Weekends Suck

    So, remembering back to Memorial Day weekend, fishing was horrible for me. I couldn't do anything to catch a fish, no matter what presentation, what bait, where I was, etc... Then on my way back from the lake, my driver's side hub goes out about 5 miles from home and I spend Memorial Day fixing that. Fast forward to labor day weekend. Again, I was having one hell of a time getting fish, varying presentations, baits and the whole gammet. Then as I pull home last night, my passanger side trailer tire blows. Atleast it is just the tire and not the hub again, but still frustrating. I do have some fish to cook for the kids today thank goodness, but Holiday weekends just don't seem to agree with me. Just needed to vent a little bit.
  13. MIke A

    Booty gone!!!

    I agree with Musky. If you look at the string of QB's that were former Trojan's, there is a great history there and I don't think Booty will be much different. While I think Jackson can and will be a fine QB, I feel that Booty had the same potential.
  14. MIke A

    Tournament Ettiquette?

    Not even a tournament, just weekend anglers last night and I was trolling the south edge of a flat and there was one boat out there that kept cutting me off. I even had the greeen light on their bow and they had my red light, but that didn't stop from from cutting right in front of me, making me cut my throttle so Id come to stop while they passed so I wouldn't hit them. Now I wasn't hogging the spot to myself, as there were 3 other boats all traveling the same path as myself, but we all were running side by side and leaving enough room for each other to turn around. I'm sure this boat was doing the same to the others. Some people just need to work on their ettiquette when just out on the open water.
  15. MIke A

    Can anyone identify this lure?

    I just saw a lure like that walking by the Muskie baits in my local Fleet Farm but didn't catch the name.