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  1. Does anyone know where to get a lake map for this lake? Couldn't find one on the DNR site.
  2. The one at Ike's is good. I am assuming you mean the one in the airport. I have thought that part of the reason might be that you are going on vacation when drinking it! If making your own I have found Whisky Willy's mix to be the best. I have only found it in richfield Liquor stores.
  3. Runyan's on Washington in downtown mpls. has the best wings around. Might have the best blue cheese dressing also.
  4. On top of burgers. Skin them just like above. Add some provolone cheese or pepperjack for more spice. Fantastic!!!
  5. 90% suckers. Cause they last longer and I tend to catch more on them. I also cut off one of the side fins. I believe it gives them a more erratic swimming motion. As far as where to put them in the water, I tend to go in the middle of where I fish. Most of the time I fish from 10-15ft of water so I put it down 4-7ft.
  6. Just wondering how early in the season people start fishing for carp. I mainly fish the rivers in the summer but would like to get out sometime soon. Thanks for any help
  7. Nice fish!!!! I caught a 20" smallmouth this summer and didn't have a camera. I always have one now!!!!!!
  8. I was using it today to see if it was true that it is as good as the live stuff. Had a lot of action going on on the vex when I would put it down there but didn't seem to get many to bite. I didn't bring any live bait out which I will do tomarrow so I don't know if they were just inactive.Hopefully it was just the day and not the product cause I would like to have it around on the few times I go panfishing during the season.
  9. Didn't actually catch it but a muskrat came up through the hole on Isles. Caused quite a mess in the house before it went back down. It was the first time my dad had ever gone ice-fishing with me and he loves to tell the story whenever he can.
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