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  1. Only $25,000 for a 1/6 share in a year round lake cabin on one of the best walleye lakes in northern Minnesota. Huge 9,000 acre lake. Excellent duck/goose hunting at rocky point on lot, great hunting, fishing and snowmobiling and ice fishing. One week every six weeks. Eight weeks of exclusive use per year with exchange privileges with the other 5 shareholders. Cabin is for shareholder use only, shareholder or immediate family must be occupying the cabin. No rentals allowed except to other five shareholders. Cabin sleeps six, with queen bed, bunk bed and queen sleeper couch, and sits on almost 2 acres/ 150 feet of shore line, sand bottom, with thousands of Chippewa National Forest land across the road. One RV hook up for family or guests. Operating costs split six ways, taxes, insurance, utilities, lawn care, snow plowing, repairs, etc. Interested outdoors persons only please. Great opportunity to enjoy the lake life. send private message for more info and pictures.
  2. OK, I guess i will find out. I own a 2 br cabin year round on the north shore of Bowstring Lake. Looking for 5 other outdoors persons to partner in on this property of debt free and clear title. Each partner would have exclusive use for one week every six weeks, which provides for eight weeks per year. I dont have the time to use this cabin as much as I have in the past 10 years, and researching to see if this is desirable for others that cant afford a lake cabin but could afford $25,000 for 1/6 ownership. This is not a scam, and will only work if five person are interested. private message me for more details. If this is not permitted on this page I will understand and please remove it.
  3. Can I post an offer of a partnership in a lake cabin I own? What Misc. forum would I use?
  4. Lately it was brought to my attention.....pond scum.... ..
  5. Thanks, it was a blast for the grandson, and me. You aren't kidding about the car door noise. I was just joking around with the GS when he would say "look there must be a mess of birds in that grass" so a that time I stopped and opened and slammed the truck door and then claim " no, no birds here". Before that we were talking about the birds getting up when they just heard the truck coming down the road or when we would close the doors ever so quietly! The the GS got in on the joking and did the slamming of the truck door at a place I had picked out to hunt, and to his surprise a couple hens jumped up! And he thinks we were just hunt'in! ..
  6. Good reason to not use debit cards. Once the transaction is done you have no chance of getting the charges reversed. With a credit card you can dispute fraudulent the charges. ...
  7. We returned late Wednesday from our South Dakota hunt. After scouting the area around Aberdeen, we were able to get some good action and didn't make it to Eureka. There were very few hunters, actually didn't see any in the Walk-in,CPR, CREP, etc. We had good success although we didn't fill out we have plenty for the smoker and my grandson had a blast on his first pheasant hunt. He shot up a box of shells! We got up a couple hundred birds, although most were well out of range we found some that held tight and the Springer was exceptional in flushing those not spooked to fly until it was too late. This was the dogs second trip pheasant hunting in his four year career. I think he would give up Grouse hunting for more pheasant trips. Same with my grandson. ...
  8. Quote:one gets up and they mostly think hen and don't shoot I have the same problem, can't usually tell one from a hen. ...
  9. Thanks for the reply everyone, I guess you have to just give it your best with the numbers down. Is the Eureka area good for Sharpies or Sage Grouse? ..
  10. Looking for some reports on your success in the area. The Wife and I along with the Springer are planning a few days for a hunt in the area or further south towards Roscoe. We don't have access to private land and usually hunt walk-in, WFP, etc. or ditches. I have seen the reports of lower numbers of birds and the time hunting is more important than the number of birds bagged. Any info is appreciated. ..
  11. Quote:Think of it this way, they are one of the primary service dogs for the disabled, because they are smart, easy to train, and willing to please. They have a great temperment. I agree, and there isn't much difference between a springer or golden retriever in these aspects. I would be happy with either one that could hunt. ..
  12. I hunted grouse over a mature golden many years ago. At that time it was one of the best dogs I had the pleasure of hunting with. He was a friend of mines neighbors dog. The owner didn't have time to hunt so teddy would catch up with us when no one was looking. We decided to get a smaller breed and I grew up with hunting cocker spaniels. I couldn't locate a breeder so we went with a springer. Now we are on our third springer and I like the closer flushing of the springer. This one is three years old, got him in spirit lake Iowa. He just about got me trained to hunt pheasants the way I'm suppose to. ..
  13. I suppose, anyway I was just curious not trying to be nosy.
  14. I'm guessing that if I only use the water from the bait shop all day, all the minnows will be floating on top of the bucket!! CO's going to figure that.
  15. Interesting, I probably have walked by many over the years. I'll have to look next week if the mosquitoes take a break!! I'm curious why you would leave Ely to go to a cabin around Bemidji? ..
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