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  1. JHansel7

    Coyote Problem

    What is the best way to cure a coyote problem? getting tired of them chasing the deer around in one of my hunting spots...sit still with a call? or push the area with a group of men...? Ideas?
  2. JHansel7

    Favorite Broadheads?

    Alright, lets hear it, what does everybody swear by?? Myself, I shoot Slick Tricks, cant complain.
  3. JHansel7

    Hoyt bows?

    Good one! I bought the Trykon, and love it!
  4. JHansel7

    Turkey Broadheads--

    For those of you who hunt turkeys with a bow, I am new to the sport. Im not much of a gun person, and would like the challenge of getting one with a bow. I went out and got the "Gobbler Getter" by Spitfire. I thought about getting the Guillotine, but I didnt want the head to come off, thats one of the coolest parts. Am I on the right track, or should I be getting something different?
  5. JHansel7


    I shoot the new Easton Full-Metal Jacket arrows. The greatest penetrating arrow on the market (what they say ;-)) and I really like the hidden insert and how thin they are. A little spendy, but I think worth it, check em out!
  6. JHansel7

    Onterrio Smith

    absolutely not, what a waste of human space. I would never play him.
  7. JHansel7

    Who has shot the new Switchback?

    They pretty much are about the same. I bought my trykon in a package, but I think they had the barebow marked at anywhere from 710-725$ everywhere. I know Scheels in St.Cloud,MN. Had then marked a little lower than the proshops.
  8. JHansel7

    browning bows

    I have a buddy that shoots a browning, he likes it alot, but if you like it, then dont let anyone tell you not to.
  9. JHansel7

    MN Archery Turkey - Over-the-counter tag

    I too want to buy one, but how long would the archery season be?
  10. JHansel7

    Hoyt /Reflex bows

    sorry to say, but probably.
  11. JHansel7

    Hoyt /Reflex bows

    Depends on how old that bow is? The pro shops never will give you what you think you deserve, but you could probably sell it to a beginning hunter for a little more. But if its in good condition I guess you never know. Good luck!
  12. JHansel7

    Mathews or Bowtech

    I say forget them both and buy a Hoyt...no just kidding, thats my opinion. Mathews or Bowtech, you'll be happy with both.
  13. JHansel7

    New Bow!!

    You can say that again, I havent shot a better one. They Mathews has the harmonic dampner, and Hoyt has its alpha shox everywhere. So its the same type of deal, just different style.
  14. JHansel7

    bow question

    Ive heard great things about bowtech, I know they are super fast. But once again, its all a matter of what you like, I think everyone on this forum would agree that you should shoot them until you feel that you like one more. Thats what I did when I bought mine. Good Luck.
  15. JHansel7

    Who has shot the new Switchback?

    its all just a matter of opinion, people like different stuff. Im sure the Switchback is a fantastic bow, I just decided to go a different way, regardless of what brand you get, when you get into the price range everything is nice, and i think youll be happy with what you get. But shoot them all.