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  1. What do you guys do with your permanent fish house when expecting to get a lot of snow? Can't decide if I should crank it up or block it.
  2. Haha you guys are funny. I finally found two studies that estimate an average of between 2.9 to 7.7 walleye/acre of lake. Therefore Upper Red Lake, being 48,000 acres, would most likely have between 1.39 million and 3.7 million walleye. However this study took place in Wisconsin so there would probably be a large percentage of error. Apparently some people don't know how to count http://www.glifwc.org/Fisheries/Inland/awpe.html http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/fishing/documents/ceded/200506AnnualReport.pdf
  3. I've recently been wondering how many walleye are in a lake like Red or Ottertail. I looked, but couldn't find any reports. Have there ever been population estimates? What's the biggest school of walleye you have ever seen under the ice?
  4. Anyone ever used these? Thinking about buying one for the generator I just purchased so I can leave it in the fish house and not worry too much. I see they are %50 off, but you have to buy a tracking plan.
  5. I have to write a humorous speech for class and I was planning on doing it on ice fishing anyone have any funny ideas?
  6. yea the middle one. That's what I was starting to think but it just didn't look right to me.
  7. Thought it was a weird looking hen mallard when we shot it but looking back at the picture I don't think it is. What is it?
  8. do it all the time. especially on trips going up north
  9. My friends and I would like to take a trip on the BWCA for like 4 days we would like to have a shot at r good walleye fishing and trout if that's possible. Where would be the best place to go for such a trip and any more suggestions?
  10. All of the lakes in SW Minnesota are out 75 the last couple days really helps
  11. 75 sunny no snow and open water here in SW Minnesota ha dang weathermen
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