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  1. I second the Chippewa Flowage. Great fishery; decent walleye population; pretty scenery; close to Hayward.
  2. Heard through the grapevine that Roger Bull is in charge again at Mahkwa. Anyone able to confirm this? It would be great news if true.
  3. More thrust equals better boat control under a wider spectrum of conditions. That's all there is to it.
  4. I recommend the 24 volt. You say you're getting the iPilot, and the key iPilot functions will work best when you have ample thrust. I dealt with an underpowered trolling motor for three years until I could afford to upgrade. I went with more motor than I needed, and I haven't been disappointed yet. I went from utter frustration to control better than I imagined I could have.
  5. I use flouro on three spinning rods: 6lb on a light walleye rod, 8lb on a medium walleye rod, and 12lb on my med/heavy worm/jig rod for bass. Three tips: 1) If you have reel options, use a larger diameter spool. 2) Underspool the reel compared to how you'd spool mono. 3) After spooling and before use, take the rod/reel to the lake, let the line out with NO lure/weight, and drive away from it until it is almost all unspooled. Reel up with light tension. All these steps will make flouro on a spinning reel quite manageable. It takes getting used to, but it's worth it in my opinion.
  6. I've had success both ways. Any time you'd use a live leech, use a Gulp leech.
  7. Just a thread to profess my love for this bait during the Walleye leech bite season. They don't seem to look that great in the water. Kind of flat and lifeless. But I've seen them outfish live leeches consistently enough to become a believer in this bait. I'll never buy live leeches again. I learned the hard way - insisting on live leeches while my buddy fished with Gulp leeches. We were using the exact same technique with similar gear and he was outfishing me 4/1. I eventually switched to Gulp leeches and our hookups were suddenly on par. Next time out with the same buddy, I again started with live leeches. Again, he outfished me until I switched to Gulp. After I switched to Gulp for good, I've had the same experience in reverse with two different guys on two different occasions. I was fishing with Gulp, and they were fishing live leeches. I outfished them until they joined me using Gulp. ... Not to mention the fact that they are close to impossible for fish to strip off the hook... Anyone else want to sing the praises of Gulp ALive Leeches for Walleye?
  8. I haven't had good luck with Gulp crawlers either. But I've seen Gulp leeches outfish live leeches side-by-side enough to become a believer.
  9. If the fish are that present and that aggressive, I'd switch to Gulp. Especially if leeches are the bait - the Gulp leech works great when walleyes are aggressively biting on leeches, and panfish can't strip them.
  10. This one matches my personal best at 38"...
  11. I think there may have been some "shaking-up" at Mahkwa Lodge. Ever since Roger stepped down a few years ago, the place has been taking a nosedive in quality and service. This year was seriously their last chance before our large party began looking for alternatives. Well I'm happy to report that things at Mahkwa seem to be looking up. It was quite obvious to our party of 13 that there was a notable uptick in service in every aspect this year. We couldn't help but notice that it seemed like someone is finally being held accountable for customer service after a few years of declining. The meals were more prompt and efficient. The dockhand was actually jogging back and forth from pumping gas to getting receipts. He came over when we were almost done cleaning fish and offered to spray down and clean the cutting table for us. Room cleaners were conscientious. A few minor problems were addressed immediately. We noticed new docks across the bay in the housekeeping cabins. Sprucing-up around the grounds and buildings. Wi-Fi actually worked everywhere on the grounds. If you've been there in the past few years, you know all of these aspects have been suffering from a general lack of interest on the part of the employees. I couldn't be more pleased to announce that at least for now, it seems like someone is taking charge and taking pride in good customer service at Mahkwa Lodge. It's still fish-camp, not a hotel. Cabins are rustic - nothing special. We're not there for luxury accommodations - just excellent fishing, a place to stay, a acceptable customer service. We will be returning next year, and hope to see the trend continue. They have a beautiful setting, perfect fishing, and a wonderful opportunity to build the reputation and revenue for the tribe, if they'd only continue to do a few things consistently right.
  12. That is absolutely the case. Fish in the freezer are considered in possession, and insofar as there is a possibility that the DNR will inspect your freezer, the number in your boat added to the number in your freezer better not exceed the limit for the number of licenses in your household. That said, the DNR inspecting your freezer is highly unlikely unless you are caught grossly violating the possession limit while on the water. But that's the regulation. Possession equals possession. You possess the fish in your freezer.
  13. The "perfection loop" is the knot the snell makers use to make the loop. It's easy to learn. You can read the instructions and watch the animation here... http://www.animatedknots.com/perfection/index.php?Categ=fishing&LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&HSOforum=www.animatedknots.com
  14. No they do not. Heck, for that matter, fishing and cottonwood trees don't mix. Such a pain in the butt.
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