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  1. bklimek

    Long Lake-Park Rapids

    Looking for any intel one would be willing to share for bass fishing on Long Lake just south of Park Rapids. Our family will be headed there in a couple of weeks. From what I gather its predominately a walleye lake. I'm just trying to get a general feel of the lake and hopefully shorten the learning curve. Thanks, BK
  2. bklimek

    MN A-Rig tips

    Do odds increase if the outlier is on top, middle, or bottom?
  3. bklimek

    MN A-Rig tips

    How do you guys legally rig your A-rigs in MN? Only one "live" hook. Does it matter which one? Do you change the look (bigger paddle, highlight, different color, etc.)?
  4. bklimek

    Bass aoy Championship at Mille Lacs

    I was on the marshal waiting list, 30 something if I remember correctly, not sure if I would have got in but I'm regretting I backed or didn't sign up sooner.
  5. bklimek

    Seth Feider second at LaCrosse

    I see both sides to it but in the long run I don't agree with what Swindle did. If I was Ott I wouldn't expect any information and I wouldn't seek information. Just seems odd he goes out of his way to stop and chat. I hope Seth kicks their tail this weekend!!!!
  6. bklimek

    Punching Rod help

    I reduced my inventory lately. Felt I had to much maintenance in rods that were specialty rods and weren't getting enough pt. I don't do a ton of punchin so hoping this choice will give me the ability plus leverage in other applications. I'll provide a review later when I get my boat back!! Had to rebuild the power head.
  7. bklimek

    Punching Rod help

    I went with the 735 full handle, felt it was going to be more versatile for me and paired with a lews TP.
  8. bklimek

    Punching Rod help

    Really hung up on a 735 or 766, just can't decide. Looking for a versatile workhorse between punching, flipping, frogging, and perhaps occasional c'rig.
  9. bklimek

    Punching Rod help

    BF24- I'm curious to hear your review on the Dobyn's 766 flip.
  10. bklimek

    Opening Day Weather

    Any updates from those that attempted Mille Lacs? Curious to hear what the water temps were and what the smalljaws were relating to. BK
  11. bklimek

    Punching Rod help

    Is a "5" power enough for the typical slop fishing here in MN or is a "6" recommended.
  12. bklimek

    Ranger Trailer Repair

    Does anyone have any referrals for Ranger Trailer Repair here in the metro (preferably NW Metro)? I blew a tire and it opened a hole the size of a softball in the fiberglass fender. Also appears to have some stress fractures in the corners. Yikes!!! BK
  13. bklimek

    For those right handed people

    I tried making the switch a few years back. I returned the reel after one use. I didn't see the value in spending the time and money to make the switch. I just don't see the benefit in switching. My off hand (left arm) is about as stupid and weak as they come. If you can't curl 5 pounds then perhaps you should switch but I have yet to play tug of war with a 100lb bass. And if I happen to get bit during that split second I'm switching hands and I miss an occasional bass before I can set the hook, hats off to the fish, I'll get you next time!
  14. bklimek

    Lets get this Bass forum going again!

    Okay do Hydrowaves really work? Any first hand experience? I've been tempted the last few years but feel like a sucker every time I think about pulling the trigger.
  15. bklimek

    Dobyn's Rods?

    Was strictly a Shimano guy up until last year. Purchased a Dobyns Champion 733. Now I wish I could replace my fleet of Shimanos. Overall the Dobyn's rod was light, very sensitive, and felt balanced in my hands. Treat yourself like I did, you won't regret it.