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  1. storm_rider_1

    Android flashlight app

  2. storm_rider_1

    Best hand held gps for Ice fishing?

    Navionics - $9.99
  3. storm_rider_1

    Snowmobile for Ice Fishing

    Do yourself a favor and buy something with reverse.
  4. storm_rider_1

    The other winter ride!

    They need something like this.
  5. storm_rider_1


    In the Brainerd Area section of the forum there is a thread on the extravaganza, someone posted in there that you can get out on Friday, and that they don't block vehicle access until Saturday morning. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...14?#Post3176908
  6. storm_rider_1

    strikemaster ultra blades?

    I thought the 2 blades were only 8 and 10 inch, but I could be wrong.
  7. storm_rider_1

    strikemaster ultra blades?

    I was wrong, store names are fine just not links.
  8. storm_rider_1

    strikemaster ultra blades?

    Red Rock is who I was talking about. Great service. Last time I posted a HSOforum I got in trouble, so I wasn't sure if I could recommend them by name on the forum.
  9. storm_rider_1

    strikemaster ultra blades?

    According to the place where I get my ultra blades sharpened "Ultramag blades are no longer available for new purchase and are obsolete so we recommend that they be treated with care." If you want the HSOforum shoot me a pm, I don't think I can post it. I haven't been able to find replacements in a few years. Good Luck.
  10. storm_rider_1

    ATV Shack Rack Ideas

    My quickflip 2 sled has holes in it, so it fills up with snow when I pull it. Being able to carry it on the ATV would be nice.
  11. storm_rider_1

    Auger cutting slow.

    If it is a strikemaster they are based out of Big Lake MN.
  12. storm_rider_1

    Sound Bar

    I have a Vizio VSB200 HD Sound Bar, that I got as a refurbished unit for $50. It works great, it sounds way better than the TV speakers. And the refurbished unit came looking as new. It has optical input, the remote sucks but it was easy to program my directv remote to control it. Tigerdirect has them for $59 right now.
  13. storm_rider_1

    Vexilar FL-18 is loud

    mine is also really loud this year, and it gets even louder the further i tip the screen up. is cleaning the brushes something i could do myself, is there a how to anywhere?
  14. storm_rider_1

    Amsoil in ice augers

    here is a couple http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...ger#Post2096316 http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2098782/1 I run all my small engines 80:1 with amsoil, good stuff.
  15. storm_rider_1

    Amsoil in ice augers

    check out the other amsoil thread lots of good info