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  1. I heard that they were catching some out of Antero before they had to drain it.
  2. Yeah i know what you mean. Me and Ice were fishing granby on saturday and the fishing was pretty slow. Seen them on the finder but didn't want to hit.
  3. Saw plenty of snowmobiles and 4 wheelers on the lake on sunday after new years day. A good 8 inches of ice also.
  4. Just curious to see if anyone has tried heading out to boyd yet? Me and maybe Icemaster will try it out tomorrow.
  5. Hey Dan you are doing a great job and don't let anyone get to you( slayerfish & EricCo ).. This forum would definitely not miss a couple of guys like that. Maybe EricCo could go find him a pretty good walleye forum somewhere to make him happy.
  6. Yeah, it's just too bad that Antero may not be back for a few years though.
  7. Sorry i got on a little late tonight, but it was not too bad up there. There is 2 and 1/2 to 3 inches on half of the smaller lake at Georgetown. The edges are melting and refreezing but once you are on it is fishable. Did not go out too far. Just stayed in about 5 feet or so. Caught one little one (about 3 inches) and then just left him on for bait. Ha Ha. Anyway, did not get on the ice until about 11:00 or so. It is real milky in color but still chips up good when drilling your hole. Before that i had went up to the snake at Dillon. There is about 3 inches up there also and same conditions, but i think the ice at Georgetown feels a little safer then the Snake. There were 3 guys there when i arrived and together they had about 6 kokes on the ice, you know the size about 12 inches. Fish seemed to be in pretty good shape yet. Anyway Mikinaak there are many small fish to be had at Georgetown. Easy 30 to 60 a day with a few nice ones here and there. Which are usually some brooders that are put in there this time of year. Nothing like the one that the Icemaster had on a few thanksgivings ago though. But that is all i got to say and both places should be good to go on thanksgiving morning for the Icemaster and I. Maybe we'll see you out there. Until then stay dry!!!
  8. Headed up to Georgetown in the morning. Hope there will be some good news to report back to you all.
  9. Had a call from the IceMaster and he was out and about today. Told me to tell you guys that if you weigh as much as a mouse the inch of ice should be safe enough. As long as the weather holds up should be able to hit some ice next week sometime.
  10. Hey Dan Dan , about how big are those kokes running up there? Been a few years since we have gone there on thanksgiving day, but last time they were only about 12 inches. The suckers were bigger and gave a pretty good fight. haha
  11. Ohhh.. Have had quite a few good trips riding in and out of heart lake. Lots of good memories and good fishing there, especially from a belly boat! Don't mind the bears though. haha
  12. Thank you lucky for serving our country!! Hey ice master, i think jesus is the guy that took people fishing with him and everyone else caught the fish... haha
  13. Went to Sterling last two fridays. Had one bad day and one good. First trip did not get any fish at all, but had seen a couple nice stringers of wiper leaving without me. This friday me and a couple kids caught 15 wiper all averaging at least 20 inches, 2 saugeye, 1 crappie, 4 catfish, 1 trout and more than enough carp and drum we wanted to catch.
  14. I agree also with Antero,but the place to be is with Icemaster on Lake Granby!!!!!!
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