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  1. If the county is maintaining the ditch by mowing it you are good to go. If the ditch is not being maintained you are not. It is a bit of a wild card if a farmer came through and cut the ditch for hay. If you really want to get the answer call the courthouse, find out if in that township that right of way is maintained by the county. If you are...good to go.
  2. Cook geese and ducks like you would beef and you'll never hear another complaint about them or from your self. Agree with above statement. Don't overcook. Brats, hot dogs, polish sausage, summer sausage all are awesome with goose meat and would be with ducks too.
  3. Maxxed Out


    We've actually seen and shot more and more specs over the last 5 years in Lac in the fall. They typically show up with the push of birds we get after the MEA weekend full moon and will stay for a couple of weeks. Our clients have shot 4 in the last 5 years which isn't a ton but is up from the 0 I saw shot in Lac in the first 30 years of my life. I know the other guide service in the area has picked up a few in the fall as well. Here is one from this fall and it was a dandy!
  4. Where did you see this? Last year it was announced in early July. I'm not seeing it anywhere on the state site.
  5. Maxxed Out

    Jacket recommendation

    The hudson is great. You still need layers for December hunts, so I may look into a Borreal next year for late season. When people ask "is Sitka worth it" my response is always "only if warm and dry is important to you" :-)
  6. Maxxed Out

    Jacket recommendation

    I switched over to Sitka. I got sick of buying new drake gear every other year. Bibs, jackets, coats all had issues with zippers, seams etc. Sitka's waterfowl gear is spendy up front but will last much longer from my research and limited experience and they have great warranties if something does break.
  7. Myself and one of my guides both got a wood duck from Jake at PPF. Great mud motor.
  8. Maxxed Out

    Purchasing layout blind

    Buy a Goosebuster from Rogers. The $99/one is the low profile and I wouldn't recommend unless your really looking to save some bucks. I have yet to break one in 3 year of guiding in them and they get pounded on. I can not say that for any other blind out there and I've used them all.
  9. I can't speak for everyone only myself. My goal is for people to have a great day in the field with us guided or un guided. Make no mistake about it our guided clients are going to get the best fields. I'm very upfront with field rentals about that. That being said we always put our field rentals in a spot where we feel they will have the opportunity to shoot birds. It's on them to do the rest. We have a very nice client list that just do field rentals from us, not guided hunts.
  10. That's when the hunting is best Steve! Our guides fun hunted today and said it was ridiculous. We actually have had the majority of the weather miss the area so far. They hadn't done an official count for a while. I'd guess somwhere near 80,000
  11. Plenty of birds. The only way we are typically effected by cold is the flight times. There really hasn't been much of a morning flight for 2 weeks, with the exception of a few days. With the snow in the forecast this would be a great time to be out mid week if you can make it.
  12. Just responded to you in another thread. Once we hit about 40k geese it really doesn't matter what side your on. When we have that many geese they traditionally pour out in every direction. I know you've been on one of our websites if not both. Give me a call or shoot me an email and I'll be happy to give you some tips. I'm not angling to get you to hunt with us I simply want you to enjoy your trip to Lac so you come back.
  13. Maxxed Out

    first trip to LQP

    Ice Cold - pass shooting is what it is. Pass shooting. We have people that shoot a lot of geese from our pass shooting pits...when the conditions are right. Cloudy windy days and of course snow, are traditionally your best time s to be out. Sunny days, windy or no wind are going to be tough. There are some benefits to hunting on private land such as no shot shell restriction and not having to reregister after lunch. I'd wait about 2 weeks, at a minimum, before coming out if you want to pass shoot.
  14. They are usually pretty good about answering the phone. I'd give them a call again. I haven't been out in a few weeks but water levels were low by the dam when I was there last. I've hunted the refuge my entire life and in that area more is always better when it comes to decoys. If you would prefer to get on some private land or a pit for decoying message me.
  15. Do a search for Ppf mud motors out Hutchinson.. Tell jake I referred you