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  1. Jim Jensen


    I saw three different Warblers in my yard yesterday. The Yellow Rummped, the Yellow and the Black and White Warbler. I have seen the Yellow Rumped many times over the years but I have never seen a Yellow or a Black and White before.
  2. Jim Jensen

    2002 Grand Am HVAC Blower

    I did pull that relay, look at it and put it back. I didn't think of swapping it with another one. I'll look for the fuse. Thanks
  3. The blower motor would only run on high then yesterday it quit all together. I bought a new resister and because I never wanted to crawl under that dash again, a new blower as well. I replaced the two components and now I have the oposite problem. The blower works on the first four speeds but not on high. Any ideas?
  4. Jim Jensen

    Belkin router firewall security log

    That IP address belongs to a company/HSOforum adap(dot)tv. Looking at the HSOforum the company appears to be some sort of advertising company that specializes in video advertisements. I searched for information about the port number in question but didn't find any specific information. I would guess it some sort of program installed intentionally or not that is trying to download a video ad to one of your computers.
  5. Jim Jensen

    Bird ID Please

    Yes, when is wasn't pecking at something it was constantly bobbing its hind-end in the air. I didn't see them fly any long distances just short spurts. There were several of them and they were moving up and down a small waterfall.
  6. Jim Jensen

    Bird ID Please

    It is very good picture since this bird doesn't stay in one place very long and the lighting was bad. If you can see the bird in the picture I would like to know what it is. Thank you.
  7. Jim Jensen

    White Crowned Sparrow

    Spring must be here, I have seen many different species of birds in my yard. White Crowned Sparrow White Throated Sparrow Female White Throated Sparrow (I'm Guessing) American Goldfinch Downy Woodpecker (Maybe a Hairy Woodpecker) Sharp Shinned Hawk
  8. Jim Jensen

    Deer overpass.

    What a coincidence, I just stumbled across a story about plans to build a wildlife overpass in Colorado then I see this picture. Apparently an international contest was held to design a highway wildlife crossing near Vail Colorado. If this one works well I’m sure they will become a necessity all over the country. Sounds look a good way to spend tax dollars (sarcasm). I’m all for protecting people and animals but there must be a cheaper way. Anyway it is a cool capture and a smart deer. If anyone wants to read the story copy and paste this is your favorite search engine. “international contest to design a highway wildlife crossing near Vail’
  9. Jim Jensen

    An Owl Question.

    Last night as I was trying to get some sleep and I could hear an owl hooting. I was thinking to myself I sure would like to get a picture of this Owl. I told myself I should go on this form and ask what would be the best way to track this Owl down in the early evening when there would be enough light to get a picture of it. There is a lake near my house that basically is a park all the way around it. I figured the Owl would be in that area, not knowing how far the sound of a hoot can travel in the night air. Remembering my laziness and thinking about trudging through the snow trying to find an Owl didn't sound like something I would ever have the ambition to do I forgot about the Owl. Well tonight I went out to shovel some of the snow off of my sidewalk. Over the sound of my shovel dragging across the cement I hear "who who, who who, who hoot". I pause, look up and see in the tree almost directly over my head the silhouette of an Owl. I guess the hoots were to let me know that I was messing up his hunting. Thrilled that the Owl has decided to come versus me looking for it, I ran to the house for my camera. I aimed my point and shoot at the Owl, zoomed as far as the camera would go, snapped a picture and got a perfect picture of black. I swiftly kicked myself for not learning how to use my camera for anything other than the automatic settings. I tried some of the built in night settings on the camera but didn’t have any luck getting a picture of anything that resembled an Owl. I then remembered my handheld spotlight. I was pretty sure that once I hit the Owl with 750,000 candle power spotlight it would take flight but I thought maybe if I was fast enough I could snap a picture of it before it left. As it turns out this Owl couldn’t care less if a person shines a spotlight on it in the middle of the night. I often look at the pictures posted in this and the photography form with amazement. I think the pictures are awesome but for me it is the experience and the snapping of a picture is just to let me relive that memory. It doesn’t matter to me if it is a good picture or a bad picture because it is my picture and my memory. Ten years from now I can look at my picture and remember the time I was shoveling my sidewalk while an Owl was hooting at me. Sure I would appreciate a high quality picture but I will take what I can get with what I have to work with and be glad for it. That’s my story and here is my questions. First do you think from what you can see, is this a Great Horned Owl? When I zoom in on the picture It looks like I can see “horns”. It was looking at me but when I shinned the light he turned his head. From the sound of the hoots it sounds like a Great Horned Owl but I don’t know if their hoots are unique to other Owls. Second question, are there in fact camera settings that would allow a better quality picture at night? The Owl was to high in the tree for a flash to be effective. Third if I did want try to find this Owl in the early evening where would I look? I only hear the hoots after midnight. Where do they spend their days?
  10. Jim Jensen

    Chevy truck steering wheel locked.

    Tapping on clylinder with a ratchet handle worked!! Thanks a million. I wish I would have posted my question on Friday morning rather than Sunday afternoon. Oh well at least I can get myself to work in the morning. I will be replaceing the tumbler asap.
  11. Jim Jensen

    Chevy truck steering wheel locked.

    I removed the bottom half of the collar but the top half has a lip that goes under the steering wheel. I am guessing there must be a screw under there holding it in place because it doesn't slide out from under the steering wheel. The truck is parked in my driveway and the wheels are straight. I have seen on the internet that this problem can occur if the wheels are bound up against a curb for instance. This is not the problem in my case.
  12. The steering wheel locked on my 1996 Chevy truck and the key will not turn to release it. I have searched the internet for possible solutions, they all read about the same thing. Put a little pressure on the key and shake the steering wheel. I have tired this numerous time and had no luck. I figured I was going to have to take the steering wheel off to either have the cylinder rekeyed or find what the problem is with the locking mechanism. The problem is the way the wheel is locked I can't reach one of the screws that holds on the airbag which means I can't remove the steering wheel to get at the lock. Does anyone else have an idea to unlock the steering other than shaking the wheel?
  13. Jim Jensen

    Bird ID Please

    Thanks for the information. I will work on a better picture. I too have seen bald Blue Jays, this Bird is not Bald.