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  1. Intellicast is another free weather app.
  2. As a hobby for us to use for fishing crappies and sunnies, my seven year old daughter and I tie hair and feather jigs. Colors are fun to mix and match. You can tie some for about 15 to 18 cents each (just figuring materials). It's an easy an addicting fishing hobby! Try it! There are many youtube and websites out there to show you how.
  3. I have dug into my Warrior 1890 - year 2000 for a few little things. Usually, very simple...loose screw, worn out this or that. No biggie. I've called these guys for Warrior questions and they've been great. Southside Marine Inc (note from admin. Please read forum policy before posting again, thank you) Call me if want to bounce it around. Scott 651-764-0114
  4. I also have an Arbor. Besides the great drag and smoothness, look at how the line has less coils to it because of the large spool. Love it! I matched it with St. Croix LE7MLF. Awesome for draggin' and rigging.
  5. I've seen where guys use it when trolling...anybody know how to rig it so I can watch my spoons or plugs get eaten?
  6. I love the Pflueger Arbor--wide spool and has a lot less memory! Check it out!
  7. My 7 month old lab has been an outdoor-kenneled dog all fall. He has a smallish doghouse that is built into the inside of the garden shed. 1. Should it be insulated? I could put some 2" foam around the house from the inside of the shed. He has a heavy blanket/mat in it now. 2. Would a plug-in heated mat work okay in the house? 3. Heated bowls - the way to go? Plastic or stainless? Thanks for any ideas!
  8. My family of 4 wants to take a resort trip. We'd like a place that is not just for fisherman, but we'd definitely take the boat to catch pike, gills, crappie, bass, whatever...pool, beach, lodge with restaurant, near some towns for day trips. If you have any specific places...great! Or if have been to an area that is nice...let me know.
  9. Low end cost...Peregrine makes a decent planer rod. It's 7'10" telescoping and they call it Planer Rod. I've seen them run in the $38 range.
  10. Sounds like a fun outing. Do you have any links with more info? I am looking for a place that my and I can go. Of course, she likes pampering.
  11. I have a 2001 90 hp Merc and it trolls great and runs great at 1/2 throttle. When I go to full throttle, it bogs down--like it's starved for gas. When I squeeze the ball, it goes again for 30 seconds, then the same bog down. What's up?
  12. I was talking to some guys with a bunks and roller trailers and the discussion got to how you unload and load. The bunk guys swear that you NEVER unhook the bow strap as you are backing down a ramp. I know that for rollers--FOR SURE. But why leave a bunk hooked up???????
  13. I agree with what you said about the roller trailer easy on / off, but I have switched to a bunk after 10 with a roller. I find that by myself the boat just rests perfect on the bunk and I don't worry about any slipping when trailering. I think it really is a personal preference and both have small advantages. Best thing is have good lights, bearings, and rubber. Also, to be under-trailered is not a happy place.
  14. I need to mount rod holders. I want to have some available around the boat for trolling and bobbering. Any tried and true methods for mounting distances? Also, looking at Cabela's Qucik Draws. Any thoughts on those versus others?
  15. I have a GPS unit (Eagle) on my boat in a Johnny Ray mount that I bought a power cable for. (I made an earlier post on this topic) What I'm scratching my head on...Has anybody made a box or something cheaply purchased work to hold this unit? I don't want it sitting out there like my vex--I want to protect it a bit. Thanks!
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