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  1. Took my new Stealth 8" out for a trial run today on WBL (11" where I was drilling). The 2 down facing bits are noticeable, as you feel the difference in speed when they clear the bottom of the ice. The auger doesn't want to twist on you when the chipper clears the ice like my last 3hp model. The engine idles fine between holes carrying by the top of the bit without sputtering. I bought the ice house handle model for a more compact auger mostly, and it works fine for me by grabbing the side of the handle farthest from you while bracing your forearm on the side closest to you. I would have preferred the throttle to be located closer to the corner closest to you instead of in the middle so I could brace against the corner of the handle instead of trying to grip the rubber handle while operating the throttle, but it's not a big deal. Another change from my last auger is the ice house handle doesn't hang out far enough to keep the muffler from sitting on the ground during transportation, but it's close. The chipper bit hangs out a little bit from last one, and sliding down a Otter tube on ATV tends to catch if the chipper doesn't face up when installing it. I will have to get used to starting without a primer to figure out how much choke to apply as the first start has been more pulls than I would want (after that 1 pull every time). The decompression switch is ok, but a firm quick pull without it works good too. The new seal on their gas caps seems to work good. Don't take my comments as dissapointment in the product (pretty sure I was grinning the whole time), they are just my impressions of a different auger than I had been used to, and adjustments that I will make to the differences. Santa delivered big this year (an auger that doesn't leak, more user friendly, faster, a little lighter), hopefully he dropped something down your chimeney too. P.S. Santa/Thorne Bros. did good this year.
  2. If California had ice fishing there would probably be a "Saturday night live" skit with a musky down under ripping away at a guys new camera (that he's been bragging to his partner about how great it is). Meanwhile the fisherman is tugging away at the "high strength kevlar" cable to save the camera from going down the hole as the musky rips, the fisherman get's his head thumped repeatedly against the ice. BOY, NO ICE CAN SURE GET IN A GUYS HEAD.
  3. I sent out trailer pictures to all, I think. The auger is SOLD. Thanks for the interest.
  4. I think I sent pictures along to everyone interested. Let me know if I missed something.
  5. I sent off trailer pictures to above emails. Let me know if they didn't go through. both the auger, and the trailer are very clean, and nothing is wrong with them.
  6. Whaler2 I will take a picture of the auger tonight, and send to you. I'm located by White Bear Lake.
  7. Jiffy 3 HP 8" auger apprx. 7 yrs old, runs like new, $150 firm. 5'x8', 2000', 12" tires, spare, factory trailer. 14" steel sides, tilt, sliding axle for light/heavy loads. Apprx. 5 yrs old in very good condition. $350 firm. I have pictures if interested.
  8. Triton189, I have been looking at this style lately, as it looks like a good compromise between portability, and size. How is the canvas for condition? How well has the Hifax worked to maintain the condition of the tub? I assume this one is black, with the yellow panels on top.
  9. I have a 2002 Foreman ES, so it will fit your boards the same I'm sure. The inside of the lift arm sits an inch or two outside the board and will rest close to the front or rear fender when up or down so as not to interfere with access on that side. It is a standard blade. Don't know if it's true or not , but I was told that unless you carried alot of speed the county plow wouldn't lift and throw snow any better than standard plow, and would only want to throw snow well one way. Hope this helps.
  10. minneman, The 7520 has speed and temp. No, there's nothing wrong with the unit, I have two mounted on the boat, and am selling one of them take your pick. I took both of them in to the Motor Clinic last spring with the transducer to have update 5.3G done and have units checked out as long as I was there (have receipt for this). One of the main reasons I bought the system was to sync the 2 units off front or rear transducer. Ended up being more button pushing, and less fishing for my taste. Looking to try something different.
  11. Big Dave2 Sorry not looking to add to stuff in the garage, trying to trim it down. The plow is like new and works great. Father in law uses one, and it makes fast work of a driveway.
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