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  1. If it has a Berkon hydraulic frame it doesnt have zerks.
  2. LRG how well does that travels with the fold down legs? With the tubes it is more solid but as said it is terrible to change back annnd forth. Just wondering if it bounces around.
  3. Google dixondale farms for everything you need to know about onions. We have been ordering from them and planting as instructed for several years. Very nice onions that keep well.
  4. After losing a wheel on my fishhouse, I now carry a breaker bar and 13/16" deep well socket. Those fancy aluminum wheels tend to come loose if you don't snug them up now and then. And I could not get a t-handle on the lug nut.
  5. According to what I have been told pine doesn't have the ability to absorb that cedar does. Therefor you have to protect it with a finish. Cedar is even used on house exteriors without any finish but not pine. It turns dark but will not on the interior applications. I am just passing along info. I am not trying to influence or convince you. And my Ice Castle is spray foamed walls, roof and floor.
  6. They tell me the wood acts like a sponge and takes in the humidity and then dries out later. Sort of like a sauna. If you have a varnished finish on it is unable to absorb. I like the look of the poly but have gone by what the so called experts have been telling me. They say poly pine but not cedar.
  7. walleye I have been told by many people to not put any finish on my cedar in my Ice Castle. Condensate would be running down the walls. I have left it unfinished for two or three years now and it still looks and smells great. Any comments? How do you like yours finished?
  8. When I had the problem I put in a digital read CO detector and/or shut off the propane at the tanks to determine which it was. Then we switched the Co/propane detector with one out of another house. They both worked fine and still are working fine. In addition I am able to read the CO level at all times on the digital readout detector. No more problem for me, has worked for two or three years now.
  9. I agree!! Best to have at least one digital read detector to know the level of co. Otherwise you don't know if detector is malfunctioning or what is happening.
  10. I returned my Ion and went back to using my Strikemaster Strike-Lite with the Robin 4 stroke. I had trouble with the Ion sliding on bare ice but it cut good for me. Just not where I wanted it. I also did not like the switches. I don't know if it wobbled or not. I had no reason to try it in mid air. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  11. If you haven't recently looked at an Ice Castle take a look. They have continuously been improving. I also have one with a Berkon (hydraulic) frame and love it, no paint problems. I understand they will soon build their 10,000th fishhouse. So they must be doing something right!!!
  12. If they put containers at the landings then people bring garbage from home and fill the containers!!! Free garbage service.
  13. On the Ice Castle HSOforum they show the 20,000 btu as standard on all the 8x16 models. I know my 2012, also has a 20,000 and with spray foam insulation is very warm.
  14. I replaced my front vent with an adjustable one to be able to control the the heat balance front to back. First the vanes would blow shut all the time and the hose would blow off the duct. Then I got to worrying about obstructing the amount of air flow thinking it would hinder the performance of the furnace, possibly the combustion. Carbon monoxide? Any thoughts on this???
  15. For cables the best thing to do is switch to stainless steel aircraft cable. The only coated cable that I have heard of is galvanized and personally I wouldn't put that on. Or try to protect your winches with covers.
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