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  1. Platz

    lab vs eagle

    i agree it was more after the dummy...most won't take the chance of injury on large prey... but heres an amazing vid...
  2. i give carwin a punchers chance is about it...carwin has fought all "super cans" except gonzaga...which he was rocked by punches...but in a flurry happened to get the shot in and finish... carwin is much slower & far less the athlete then brock...carwins cardio will be very suspect as well... i would of liked to see carwin vs cain...but by the UFC cancelling that match...gives another potential HW challenger with cain down the road if he wins to fight brock...otherwise if carwin would of beat cain...cain goes to the bottom of the pile...
  3. i'll say it again...make up a 2 sided sign on a stick or something you can hold up...ex; "PLEASE GO AROUND" the other side "THANK YOU"...write whatever you feel fitting per the issues...it should do the trick and be less confrontational...vs personally saying it and/or gettin in thier face etc ;0) some just don't get it until thier told or its pointed out...
  4. Platz

    beaver style plastics

    with the YUM wooly bugs 4.25"...i use the 4 or 5/0 gamakatsu EWG weighted spring lock hooks...cast'em and let them fall & hit bottom...couple of short quick pops & let fall again...
  5. koonie your right, fedor has fought overall better opposition in his career... the thing i see...is that brock is no doubt a beast of a wrestler & gifted athlete all the way around...i've watched his training & practice vids he has on his site...showing his game plan against mir, his bjj training etc...he might be new to the game...but hes a gifted athlete & has an excellent training staff behind him... he can absorb what hes taught with ease & can follow the game/fight plan... in a fedor vs brock match...i just don't know who would take it...fedor has the experience behind him in all...but its a fight & with the right game plan...brock could very well take it...theres no guarantees i see in the match up...if you watch brocks preparation vids for mir...he followed the game plan to a T...i could see the same happening to fedor using the same plan... fedor imo isn't going to stop a brock take down...and if brock got him on the ground & followed the same mir plan...well you could see a shocker ending no one thought possible... bottom line...brock isn't a one trick pony if you analyze everything...like him or not...hes a very athletically gifted freak of nature...and is progressing by leaps & bounds...anything could happen in this "hopefully" future match up...
  6. cro cop was competition back when he was in pride...but not now...
  7. i'm a fedor fan but who has fedor fought koonie thats above average since 2006??...his last real competition was cro cop in 2005... hes been fighting mediocre b/c level fighters since then...then he goes to strikeforce which is more b & c level fighters and UFC has beens or just simply has beens... brock is the UFC HW champ...hes defended that title...and in any fight sport, when you defend your title & win...your a legit champ in anyones books...get over it lol do you think when fedor first started mma...he fought the level of comp brock has in his first 5?? no... fedor's first five... 1st. Martin Lazarov Record 0 - 2 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw) 2nd. Levon Lagvilava Record 0 - 2 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw) 3rd. Hiroya Takada Record 1 - 3 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw) 4th Ricardo Arona Record 13 - 5 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw) 5th (loss) Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Record 26 - 18 - 2 (Win - Loss - Draw)
  8. fedor smashes brett rogers & i wanna see it hehe...i hope it will be fedors first fight this fall sometime...or else it will be overeem...
  9. i look at it also like this though to...fedor for the last while has been fighting has beens & b level fighters since 2006...then he goes to strikeforce to fight more has beens & b level fighters... fedor since 2007 below... josh barnett is a UFC has been(fedors last scheduled fight)...tim silvia = UFC has been...Andrei Arlovski = UFC has been... h-ong man choi = no need to explain...matt lindland = UFC has been... since 2006 below... mark hunt = b fighter and past his better days...mark coleman = UFC has been(resigned but past his better days)... not as impressive as one may think in the last 4 years... i do like fedor but the calibar of his last handful of opponents isn't nothing to brag about really...
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