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  1. Quote: Im down in Winona and haven't been able to catch any fish lately. Is this just due to the randomness of fishing or are the warm temps causing the fish to relocate? I don't have a flasher so it's hard for me to find the fish anyways but if they are moving depthwise that would help me out. MY hunch is that they have suspended in the same areas. The sun and changes in snow cover might have just brought them up in the column a little. During the January cold, I had a great school of fish (sunnies and crappies), quite active, holding tight to the bottom in 18'. Now, those fish are still there and still biting ravenously, but they're only 10' to 12' down. I can't buy a bite on the bottom anymore.
  2. You know, there is a great size differential between the males and females of both species. Male SS and female Cooper's do frequently overlap in size. So, even though this bird may be a Cooper's, be careful about using size as the SOLE identification characteristic between these species.
  3. Why take perfectly good venison and bologna it? I thought bologna was how meat processors used up floor sweepin's. It's the one version of ground meat I can't bring myself to eat.
  4. Quote:And here, silly me, I drove all the way to Grand Rapids for a sled.... Was it new so you knew what you were getting without a dest drive and inspection? Did you know that you were going to go home with THAT sled? If so, that's a little different than a used car. Anyway, we haven't done anything in a while. Last I know, the representative at the Department of Commerce sent correspondence to Horace Mann last Tuesday. He told me that he expected contact with HM during the first half of this week. I left a message for that rep yesterday and haven't heard back. I plan on letting the process with the Dept run it's course before doing anything. Kind of sucks sitting here without a car, but it may (or may not) be worth it in the end. Regardless, I've appreciated all of the advice from 1/8 through now--even the advice we didn't take or didn't need--because this was our first (and hopefully last) accident.
  5. The tail in that bottom photo looks awfully squared off to me....I'm lobbying for Sharp-shinned. SS are a little more numerous in MN in winter as well.
  6. Quote: the DNR knows they're here, but doesn't want to publicly admit to a RESIDENT population Wouldn't that require some hard evidence of a few litters of kittens out there? Gonna be a while on that one, I think.
  7. Quote: We could all probably agree that in terms of pure recreation, sugar sand and weed free would be best, but you might be hard pressed to find any fish in there. I won't disagree with you there--I'm not interested in seeing lakes turned into big, sandy, weedless, fishless swimming pools for a few lakeshore owners to play in. However, isn't it a stretch to say invasive plants are beneficial or somehow an adequate substitute for native varieties? If I misunderstood the intent of the original post--my bad--but I'll just make (or reiterate) the point that we have to do everything we can to prevent the spread. Invasive species are bad news for any aquatic ecosystem.
  8. Quote:We knew it had no mechanical properties. By the way, I meant "mechanical problems". Pretty stupid sentence the other way.
  9. ?? My only point was that we still need people to do everything they can to keep this stuff from infesting new lakes. Convincing people that invasives are potentially beneficial habitat for gamefish (as several statements in this thread do) is a recipe for reducing people's vigilance and potentially inviting spread that would not have happened otherwise. THAT, would be an avoidable tragedy.
  10. Quote:I don't think Wayne and Rick are really encouraging people to spread invasives. I understand your point about the spraying and it has merit, but the title of the thread (benefits to fish and anglers?) certainly doesn't encourage people to do everything they can to stop the spread. Nor does referring to invasive species as "essential fish habitat".
  11. Quote:I do not believe that everyone who goes into the woods see's cougar. That is a stretch. Take a ride up north and start talking to a few folks.
  12. How long would the trail be? That would make a difference on how I would approach it, how detailed I would be, how much the hard work was a problem, and whether I cared about removing the debris.
  13. Quote:I realize there may be some bogus reports but that should not make all liars. I'm not saying everyone is a liar nor is our DNR, according to the link I posted. However, don't you think it's odd that practically everyone who goes into the woods seems to have one or more reports of quite possibly the rarest mammal found in our state???? I'm of the mind that there are a few transient cougars in Minnesota and possibly a breeding pair or two. The number of anecdotal reports suggests the woods are teeming with them and you could hardly get out of your truck without tripping over one. Given that, my sense is that a handful of reports are 'good' and the majority are bogus.
  14. My best winter ever. I've been out quite a bit. I've only been to 6 lakes, but that's because getting around it more difficult. Mostly, I completely gave up on walleye this year because I absolutely can't figure them out. (When I try for walleyes in 25' of water, some guy tells me afterward that he's seeing them from his spearhouse in 10'. When I try shallow, I read on here about deep water 'eyes....I just don't get it. ) I used to go to a couple of walleye lakes, listen to the radio, empty some barley pops, and curse my luck that the Vexilar was dim. So, I raised the white flag and decided that panfish and bass would be my primary hardwater prey. Best thing I ever did. Will I try walleye again? Yeah. Am I having a lot more fun now that I "lowered" my expectations and found happiness in sunnies, bass, crappies, perch, etc? You bet!
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