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  1. We have 2 bids both around 10 grand. The bad news now is 3 different banks said they will not give us a loan until the septic is fixed. So, we have to wait until May or sooner...anybody know average thaw dates for the Fergus area? Any mortgage reps familiar with this, our realtor initially told us we can buy the place and set-up an escrow to pay for the sewer later. But now the banks are saying different.
  2. Thanks Bob, i saw your old posts about yours, I was trying to find anything current fro some guys on here. I am hoping that i do not have to replace, but it is 40 years old.
  3. We are looking at a cabin, but they want us to have a confroming septic system. How much would a septic replacement be for a 2 bedroom 1 bath cabin? It currently has a 700 gallon tank and a drain field.
  4. LMT, 95% of the people are just following their neighbors opinion that thinks it willbe a land grab. The door is open to spend 150 mill a year on the outdoors, how many times will the door be open to get a program like this? NEVER AGAIN http://www.grandforksherald.com/content/randy-kreil-conserve-north-dakota-its-too-late
  5. Awesome video and way to go on the game. I am headed out there this weekend.
  6. So if you havent dug into it...this is the outline of it...no matter how they slice it...it still has to jump through many loops to be approved for purchase....governor, attorney general and agriculture commissioner. So please tell me LMT how epa or whomever is going to come in and just do a land grab The North Dakota Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment, Measure 5 is on the November 4, 2014 ballot in North Dakota as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure, upon voter approval, would redirect five percent of the state's oil extraction tax revenue to a Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks Trust (the "trust") and a Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks Fund (the "fund").[1] Of the revenue received from the oil extraction tax, 90 percent would be deposited into the fund, while 10 percent would be deposited into the trust. The fund would be used to provide grants to public and private agencies to aid their work in improving water quality, natural flood control, fish and wildlife habitat, parks and outdoor recreation areas, access for fishing and hunting, land acquisition for parks and outdoor education for children. The fund would be governed by a Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks Commission, which would be comprised of the governor, attorney general and agriculture commissioner. A Citizen Accountability Board would be appointed for three-year terms to review grant applications and make recommendations to the commission.
  7. What is everyones take on it and how will you vote?
  8. It was pretty slow I thought, but I think they they were laying the plot out PRETTY thick! The thing that made me mad was the first 5 seconds....this is a true story...then they say it happened in 2006!!! WTH ??
  9. I have been hoping for this scenario for 2 weeks!! I have a friend mad at me because I wished injury on Wilson. I was only half kidding
  10. Whos ready? Not this dog!! Horrible day last Friday. I was set to leave for the weekend on a much needed fishing trip, but I wanted to take my dogs for a quick drive/run. I usually run them 1.5 to 2 miles. I will shorten the story about 3/4 mile in my springer/lab Morgan smelled something on the side of the road and darts towards the front of the truck. Bam...I knew instantly I ran her over she barked and I ran over to that side but she went around the front and was already in the truck. She was shaking, I was looking her over.. her right fang was lodged in her gum, bleeding from her cheek, outer ear and right wrist. I am thinking the worse that her skull was smashed etc. I took her to the vet, 2 staples in her wrist and her head checks out fine!! The only thing I can figure out is that her paw and the side of her face went under the tire. Bad deal, but she was prolly an inch from being dead. So we are sitting this weekend out but hopefully her leg is healed by the next.
  11. good points deerminator, but he was just being honest. He might have went a little far but I can only view this as negative publicity for mathews. I hope his shop got a contract from another company!!
  12. I just read an article from field and stream about the new bows and how they test out. 1 of the testers has an archery shop, long story short, Mathews dropped Hintonarchery from their supply chain. I wont be looking at a Mathews anytime soon. http://www.fieldandstream.com/articles/hunting/2013/08/fs-crowns-best-flagship-compound-bow-2013
  13. I checked the cam yesterday, still no love for the cane!! I will have to try a little corn.
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